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Vacation Rental Professionals Aruba: There are more contributing factors to the excessive homes for locals

Vacation Rental Professionals Aruba: There are more contributing factors to the excessive homes for locals

In the last few years, the vacation rental industry grew tremendously and significantly enough to become an important pillar in our island’s  hospitality sector. 

On Thursday morning, February 23rd 2023, a press conference was held by Vacation Rentals Professionals Aruba (VRPA), brought opinion to light after the statements made by Minister Geoffrey Wever stating that he is concerned with the amount of homes being converted into short term rentals making it difficult for locals to find housing, because most homes are being renovated and put on the short term rental market. Alex Cybull, treasurer of VRPA, said they are more than willing to help the government with this issue and their knowledge of the vacation rental sector here in Aruba. 


In Aruba there are approximately 3600 Airbnb’s and this continues to grow. It’s important to limit this amount but to also uphold it to a certain standard so everyone can trust that when they come to Aruba they have a great vacation rental. This also allows a better overview on the quality of rentals for tourists who choose Aruba. 

One of the points argued by Alexy Cybull was that we must also figure out why housing is becoming harder for locals to find. Perhaps it is not only due to vacation rentals, but also due to the fact of housing prices, cost of materials to build homes, the cost of labor and also the excess amount of construction it takes to build homes and apartments in Aruba. Therefore we must find a balance on the island. 

Dennis Goedheid, CEO of Casuela, that Aruba has an opportunity to truly set itself apart in the Caribbean. Many tourists prefer Aruba because of its safety and security, the fact that they can explore Aruba with no concern, without fearing any danger. This is a significant opportunity to grow in this market, which is a flourishing one in the field of vacation travel, for millennials who prefer to stay in vacation rental versus hotels. They have a chance to experience their vacation destination as a true local. 

Sjoerd de Vries, president of VRPA is in agreement with Minister Geoffrey Wever, stating that we need to have a full overview of all vacation rentals operating in Aruba. This is also what VRPA wants because it is not smart to presume anything. The lack of sustainable housing for locals is automatically assuming that it is because of vacation rentals, there isn’t any affordable housing available. 

Furthermore, de Vries supports Minister Geoffrey Wever in his efforts to further study vacation rentals in Aruba in order, where they can gather a lot of data that can give clarification. 



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