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Vacation Rental Professional Aruba (VRPA) presents guidelines to make Vacation Rentals in Aruba that are more responsible and sustainable.

Vacation Rental Professional Aruba (VRPA) presents guidelines to make Vacation Rentals in Aruba that are more responsible and sustainable.

Vacation Rental Professionals Aruba (VRPA) has expressed their support for more regulation in the short term vacation rental industry in order to ensure continued growth on the island of Aruba. Because vacation rentals account for a significant part of the tourism industry and because it is a growing tendency worldwide that is growing rapidly, VRPA believes that more regulation is necessary in order to manage the industry in a responsible and sustainable way. 

The goal of this guide for responsible and sustainable vacation rentals in Aruba is to work together with other advisors to see how to implement and execute recommendations. 

A recently done study on the economical impact of vacation rentals in Aruba has shown that this industry contributes to almost 1 billion florins to the local economy. 

VRPA, represented by members Sjoerd de Vries, Alex Cybul, and Alberto Perret in collaboration with Dennis Goedheid, who is revolutionizing the way of investing and managing vacation rental for almost a decade in Orlando, Florida, has developed a list of 10 recommendation for more sustainable and responsible vacation rentals in Aruba. The recommendation includes an introduction of a licensing program for vacation rentals, a higher tax bracket, enrich and empower the local labor force, ensure a balance between vacation rentals and affordable housing and implement a plan to manage noise pollution, parking, and waste. 

To ensure equal opportunities between vacation rentals and traditional hotels, VRPA suggests having agreements with OTA’s (for example Airbnb) to refer the tourist Levy and the environmental Levy directly as part of the owner and for those who manage vacation rentals referring taxes as the owners responsibility but based on their earnings. 

The licensing system for vacation rentals that is recommended will ensure that a certain percentage of the licensing fees will go back to local residents of Aruba. VRPA thinks it’s important to ensure a considerable amount of the licensing fee for the local community. Part of the cost for licensing a vacation rental could be used to sustain projects that will focus on affordable housing. 

To preserve the neighborhood’s spheres, the vacation homes will always be well maintained, regularly cleaned and to ensure that the property owners are willing to invest in their property. A plan to manage noise pollution, parking, and waste must also be implemented in order to ensure comfort and security of the guests and permanent residents. 

Finally, VRPA suggests attracting more families, millennials, and Gen Zwho prefer vacation rentals and represent 75% of all consumers and travelers for the year 2025, with an expected annual growth of 9.87% for the vacation rental industry between 2021-2025. VRPA believes that maintaining the earnings in the local community would greatly benefit the island of Aruba. 

The complete list of recommendations: 

  1. Introducing a vacation rental licensing system 
  2. Increase taxes for vacation rentals 
  3. Enrich and empower the local labor forces in Aruba 
  4. Secure a balance between vacation rentals and affordable housing 
  5. Introducing a plan of managing noise pollution
  6. Create a plan to manage parking 
  7. Create a plan to manage waste 
  8. Preserve the neighborhood 
  9. Attract more families, millenials, and GenZ
  10. Mainten earning in the local community of Aruba. 

Vacation Rentals Professionals Aruba (VRPA) became an established association in 2021, by a group of property owners of vacation rentals in order to defend and represent the best interest of the property owners of vacation rentals in Aruba, in a professional and diligent way. 

In the last few years, the vacation rental industry in Aruba has grown exponentially and has become an important economic pillar in the hospitality industry in Aruba. 



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