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UTV off-roading: how to keep yourself and Aruba’s nature safe

UTV off-roading: how to keep yourself and Aruba’s nature safe

Aruba’s off-road wonders are a call to adventure. Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting with Toto Luna, an experienced tour guide boasting over 8 years of expertise in UTV off-road tours. Toto, who recently launched his family-owned business, Touriffic Adventures Aruba, shared valuable insights on how to revel in the excitement responsibly and ensure the preservation of Aruba’s breathtaking beauty.

Your choice of tour operator matters, according to Toto. First things first, pick a UTV tour company that’s all about nature love. Look for companies using eco-friendly rides and who follow good off-roading practices. It’s not just about the ride; it’s about leaving the lightest footprint on Aruba’s gorgeous spots. Commitment to responsible off-roading practices should be part of the company’s policy.

Picture this: the sun beating down as you rev up your UTV, ready to explore Aruba’s enchanting landscapes. Toto’s advice? Buckle up, keep those hands inside, and resist the urge to pull off donuts, or power slides. These vehicles are built for off-road joy, not impromptu stunts like fishtailing or drifting that might cut your vacation short.

Toto emphasizes the importance of staying on the designated paths, not riding on the white sands; those off-the-beaten-tracks could be homes to bird nests or other animals. Let’s not ruin their day. As you navigate the trails, keep the speed in check. Slow and steady isn’t just a racing mantra; it prevents soil erosion, especially in arid regions. And let’s talk about noise; keep it down. The engine’s roar might feel powerful, but it disrupts nature’s harmony and might spook the locals.

Leaving no trace should be the mission, according to Toto. Whatever you pack for the ride, take it back with you. Littering is a no-go. As you embark on your adventure, respect the wildlife you encounter. Observe from a distance; these creatures call Aruba home too.

And your shield against Aruba’s sunny embrace? Sun protection. Long sleeves, hats, closed shoes, and, of course, sunblock are your trusty companions while off-roading. A burnt nose won’t be a souvenir you want.

In the end, despite any personal preferences, remember that every twist, turn, and responsible choice ensures Aruba’s natural wonders remain a legacy for the next wave of adventurers. Have fun, but in a responsible manner that is safe for you and the Aruban ecosystem.

For more info about UTV off-roading, check: Touriffic Adventures



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