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Tourism continues to grow and surpass levels of 2019

Tourism continues to grow and surpass levels of 2019

ORANJESTAD – The tourism numbers for the month of February have been released and the growth in tourism continues to rise. Minister of Tourism and Public Health Mr. Dangui Oduber is satisfied with the continued growth of tourism in 2023. In the month of February 2023 Aruba’s tourism once again surpassed the numbers from February in 2019, which was a record year for tourism in Aruba. For this month, a registered total recuperation of 105% in comparison to 2019. Aruba received a total of 98,068 tourists from the airport in the month of February. 

Aruba’s biggest and most important market, which is North America, saw a recuperation of 108% in February 2023 in comparison to February 2019. What is highlighted is the Colombian market that has recuperated 159% compared to 2019. We presume the European market will soon also surpass the numbers of 2019. This is due to the fact that the next British airline, British Airways, will start having direct flights to Aruba with connecting flights all throughout Europe. 

The action plan of Minister Oduber seems to be working. A special thanks to all the partnerships and collaboration in the tourism sector; Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba Ports Authority, Aruba Airport Authority, Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, and Aruba Timeshare Association. 



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