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Top Fish Restaurants in Aruba for Good Friday

Top Fish Restaurants in Aruba for Good Friday

Marked by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, many choose to abstain from meat, turning to seafood for sustenance on Good Friday. In Aruba, renowned for its gorgeous beaches and vibrant culinary scene, the quest for the perfect fish dish on Good Friday is an exciting endeavor. 

A Brief History of Good Friday

Good Friday commemorates Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death at Calvary. Observed during Holy Week, it signifies a time of reflection and solemnity, with fish often becoming the preferred protein, symbolizing sacrifice and renewal.

Top Fish Restaurants in Aruba

If you are looking to honor Christ or just looking for some good fish to eat, here are some of the top options for you. 

The Flying Fishbone

Set in Savaneta, The Flying Fishbone offers beachside dining, presenting an array of locally caught fish dishes amidst serene surroundings and captivating sunsets.

Barefoot Restaurant

Located on LG Smith Boulevard, Barefoot Restaurant serves exceptional Caribbean-infused fish cuisine, catering to diverse tastes. Enjoy with your feet in the white Aruba sand, while you dine on the beach enjoying the salty air and sea flavors. 


Savaneta’s Zeerovers offers a casual seafood experience, allowing patrons to enjoy fresh catches of the day, expertly prepared and fried to perfection. Look for the pirate flag to flag down the spot!

Passions on the Beach

Situated at Eagle Beach’s Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Passions on the Beach provides a romantic ambiance and a diverse seafood menu, perfect for a memorable dining experience.

Driftwood Restaurant

Tucked away in Oranjestad, Driftwood Restaurant offers a hidden gem for fresh seafood lovers, presenting a fusion of local and international flavors in each dish.

Marina Pirata

Overlooking the marina in Savaneta, this family owned restaurant offers a unique dining experience with Caribbean-inspired fish dishes and panoramic views. Marina Pirata is one of the islands top local cuisine options.

Catch Restaurant

Found in Palm Beach, the new restaurant Catch boasts innovative seafood creations and a chic ambiance, promising a memorable dining experience on Good Friday.

Fisherman’s Hut

This restaurant exudes island charm, offering a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse menu featuring classic fish dishes and seafood delights. This family owned establishment, is perfectly located to be able to enjoy surrounding activities (you may need a good walk after all that food). 


Palm Beach’s Hadicurari provides oceanfront dining and a diverse seafood menu, featuring fresh catches grilled to perfection.

Ricardos Smokehouse

Located at Renaissance Marketplace Ricardos Smokehouse is beloved for its barbecue and seafood specialties, offering mouthwatering fish dishes and a cozy ambiance. 

Pikas Corner

Pikas Corner offers authentic Aruban seafood dishes, showcasing the island’s culinary heritage in a cozy setting. 

Aruba Nautical Club

 Aruba Nautical Club offers waterfront dining and a menu featuring freshly caught fish dishes amidst picturesque surroundings. After your meal, enjoy a walk along the pier and dream of owning one of the boats, to truly live your best sea life. 

As you embark on your culinary journey this Good Friday in Aruba, reflect on the significance of the day while savoring the finest seafood the island has to offer. Whether you opt for beachside romance, laid-back charm, or authentic local flavors, let the flavors of the Caribbean sea transport you to a place of culinary bliss. Embrace the spirit of sacrifice and renewal as you gather with loved ones to enjoy delicious fish dishes and create lasting memories in paradise.



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