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The Prime Minister meets the U.S Ambassador to the Netherlands to discuss various topics concerning the U.S and Aruba relations

The Prime Minister meets the U.S Ambassador to the Netherlands to discuss various topics concerning the U.S and Aruba relations

#LOCAL This week the prime minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever-Croes met with the U.S Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mrs. Shefali Razdan Duggal who is currently in Aruba. It has only been a few months since Mrs. Razdan-Duggal was appointed as U.S Ambassador to the Netherlands and she wanted to visit Aruba to converse on various topics. 

One of the topics discussed was the issue concerning the border with Venezuela and how to best navigate this issue. The United States offered to aid in this matter and the topic was further discussed. Another topic that came up was the post-covid recovery of Aruba in general, tourism, economical investments and diversifications. Prime Minister Wever- Croes explained to the ambassador about Aruba’s opportunities to diversify when it comes to sustainable energy, which is something the U.S is very interested to invest in. She further explained the plans of Minister Glenbert-Croes and the Hydrogen Valley. 

Another important topic that was discussed among these ladies was the asylum and immigration issue in Aruba, and that the situation is becoming very dangerous in the waters surrounding Aruba when it comes to drugs that are leaving Colombia and Venezuela which are very close to Aruba. The United States, Aruba and the Netherlands are currently working closely together to keep this area safe and to intensify the security. 

Human trafficking was also discussed, which unfortunately is also a reality on the island. During this meeting, Mrs. Jeanette Richardson-Baar, chief of the Coordination Center on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Aruba” (CMAA) / Mensenhandel Mensensmokkel was also present. The prime minister explained that CMAA is paying close attention to the developments of human trafficking on the island.

Jeanette Richardson-Baars (CMAA)

During the meeting, Mrs. Richardson-Baars provided the ambassador insight into all the work that CMAA does to fight human trafficking, as well as sharing some challenges that the organization faces and what can be done to improve Aruba’s position in this. According to Richardson-Baars, the ambassador suggested paying attention in helping the Chinese and Indian communities on the island, as not much information is known about them in comparison to the Venezuelan and Colombian communities on the island.

Furthermore, Mrs. Razdan Duggal offered her help to stimulate interest in these topics in The Netherlands: “It’s always good when international government representatives pay a visit and give their support,” she stated. In conclusion, the prime minister expressed that the meeting was fruitful and though intense, it went very well.



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