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The matter concerning the kiosks in the hotel area has escalated to a legal dispute

The matter concerning the kiosks in the hotel area has escalated to a legal dispute

The debate over the kiosks in the hotel area has been ongoing for several years. In 2011, a series of kiosks were positioned along the sidewalk directly in front of the La Hacienda Shopping Mall. This, of course, created a lot of criticism because of the unattractive appearance, especially because of the location for these kiosks (high-rise hotel area). It was reported that the owner of the commercial complex leased these kiosks to fifteen small businesses, charging each of them a monthly fee. These small entrepreneurs believed at the time that they were paying to rent the area they were operating on and that the monthly fee covered all expenses, including utilities such as water and electricity.

However, the Land is government-owned, and only the government could grant permits to operate on the area. The Government of Aruba subsequently notified both these businesses and the owner of La Hacienda that those operating on the sidewalk needed to apply for a precario permit if they intended to remain operating. The owner of La Hacienda then decided to change things up in order to continue with the entire operation of the kiosks and charged only for the tents and utilities (not for renting the land).

Moving ahead to 2018, the Government of Aruba introduced a plan to resolve this matter once and for all. The government reiterated to all businesses that the area they were operating on belonged to the Government of Aruba and that a precario permit was required for them to continue their operations.

Now, in 2023, the owner of La Hacienda has opted to take legal action by bringing the case to court. Their request is now for the Government of Aruba to remove these kiosks from the government-owned land, as they require the space for constructing a cocktail lounge.

A decision on this case is scheduled to be reached on October 4th 2023



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  1. Absolutely Astonishing! These kiosks allow small business owners to be part of the business community and allow tourists an opportunity to shop in a non-traditional retail environment. The Kiosks should be allowed to stay under a permitting and fee arrangement with the government.

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