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Tasty Tales: La Mer Fine Dining – A Mediterranean Newcomer

Tasty Tales: La Mer Fine Dining – A Mediterranean Newcomer

For our very first review we decided to start with a brand new restaurant with just two months open. Step into a world of Mediterranean delights at La Mer Fine Dining, where every dish tells a tantalizing tale of flavor and finesse. As we embarked on our culinary journey, we were greeted with a delightful surprise – a playful amuse-bouche of Focaccia that set the tone for the feast ahead.

For the appetizers the Scallops stole the spotlight with their impeccable sear, boasting a tantalizing sweetness harmonized with savory sauces that danced on the palate. Each bite offered a symphony of textures – crispy exteriors yielding to tender centers.

The Steak Tartar was a revelation, with a fresh onion crunch and a duet of sauces that serenaded our taste buds. Accompanied by a delicate quail egg and dainty blue cheese points, it was a harmonious melody of flavors.

Moving on to the main course, the Branzino dazzled with a fennel and horseradish salad, a burst of color and texture complemented by a vibrant green sauce puree. Though we wished for a touch more acidity in the salad, the dish still sang with freshness, accentuated by a hint of citrus. My husband ordered the skirt steak, and of course I stole a bite (okay, maybe more than one bite); its tantalizing glaze and exquisite char, was a masterpiece on the plate.

Sides of creamy mashed potatoes and perfectly seasoned asparagus were the supporting actors, enhancing the main attractions without overshadowing them. Thankfully we shared these, as they were quite a large serving size. And let’s not forget the Caribbean Lobster side – a complete different flavor compared to the Maine Lobster. offering a delightful interplay of sweet and salty flavors that transported us to sun-kissed shores. I picked the 4 oz one, you can pick between 4 oz or 8 oz.

Despite being pleasantly stuffed, we couldn’t resist indulging in the Greek Orange Cake for dessert. With the fluffiest cream and an irresistibly airy sponge, it was a sweet finale to our epicurean adventure. Let me not forget to mention, their liquid desserts. The Lemon cheesecake cocktail proved to be the ideal companion for dessert, offering a refreshing burst of flavor that perfectly complemented the sweet finale of our meal. The addition of limoncello was particularly delightful, its zesty notes providing a satisfying palate cleanser for our very satisfied stomachs.

Not only does La Mer Restaurant delight with its delectable dishes, but its service is also second to none. The staff exudes warmth and attentiveness, making diners feel truly welcomed and attended to throughout their dining experience. Moreover, despite the exquisite quality of the cuisine, the prices remain fair, ensuring that indulging in culinary excellence doesn’t break the bank. It’s a rare combination of exceptional service and reasonable pricing that makes La Mer a true gem in the fine dining scene.

La Mer Restaurant is a culinary treasure trove where every dish tells a story of passion and creativity. With each bite, you’re transported to a world of taste sensations that leave you craving more. We will be back!

Have you been to La Mer yet? Would love to hear what you think. Also, where should we dine next? Leave us your favorite restaurant tips at info@arubapapers.com. Tune in for our next Tasty Tale on Saturday, March 9, as we will be posting bi-weekly.

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