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Tasty Tales – Follow the smoke for a mouth-watering experience at Ricardo’s Smokehouse Restaurant

Tasty Tales – Follow the smoke for a mouth-watering experience at Ricardo’s Smokehouse Restaurant

Ready to embark on a tasty adventure, as memorable as it is delicious? Ricardo’s Smokehouse – where every dish is a flavor explosion and every moment is infused with playful charm. From the moment we approached the restaurant we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. As we were led to our table, we were immediately immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Latin night, with the sultry rhythms of Latin music adding a touch of spice to the air.

Appetizing Appetizers at Ricardo’s

We kicked off our meal with the perfectly crispy calamari fritti served with a spicy sauce that danced on the taste buds. My husband ordered the fish ceviche, and it has officially made my list of the top ceviche’s on the island, the fish with the sweet bell peppers were the perfect flavor and crunch on top of a tortilla chip.

Our Smokehouse Main Courses

Wednesday nights at Ricardo’s mean all-you-can-eat grouper, but when my husband caught sight of the tantalizing picanha on the menu, his heart was instantly won over. Presented in a smoke filled glass dome, you were first greeted by smells of smokiness and fire, and then the reveal…. A kissed by the fire pincanha adorned with beautiful grill marks. I, on the other hand could not decide what to eat, as everything looked absolutely delicious. Then, I spotted the coconut & pineapple shrimp. The sauce alone could make me write a love song, I mixed it in with my rice, I dipped my vegetables, I could not get enough.

As we savored every bite, we couldn’t help but marvel at the lively conversations around us. The atmosphere was electric, with guests raving about the exceptional quality of every dish. The table next to us erupted in praise for the exquisite dishes they were enjoying, even wanting to take some home to share with their family back in the US. And who could blame them?

Indoors, the decor exuded warmth and rustic charm, a cozy combination of smokehouse meets wine cellar, while outside offered a cozy ambiance perfect for enjoying the night sky.

Divine & Smokey Cocktails

Let’s explore Ricardo’s Smokehouse cocktails. The Smoked Old Fashioned arrives in a smoke-filled dome, unveiling a beautifully crafted cocktail that is a smoky twist on a classic. The Nopaloma mocktail refreshes like the best gin and tonic, with crisp botanical notes. The Lavender Lemonade mocktail offers relaxation and refreshment, blending delicate floral and tangy citrus flavors seamlessly. Each cocktail is a sensory delight, combining flavor and presentation to elevate your drinking experience.

Dessert Please

And let’s not forget about the desserts – a grand finale to an already spectacular meal. With a plethora of tempting options, we simply couldn’t resist indulging our sweet tooth. I found myself torn between the Aruban carrot cake and continuing the coconut pineapple journey with their coconut and pineapple cake. The carrot cake, with chunks of walnuts, was a delightful blend of flavors and textures. My husband, opted for the classic indulgence of their chocolate brownie. With its seductive aroma wafting from the plate, it was impossible not to be enticed. And of course… delicious.

Ricardo’s Smokehouse is a celebration of flavor, top-notch service, and good times. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking for a memorable night out, Ricardo’s is sure to delight your senses and leave you craving more.

Happy Tasting,

Tasty Tales 🍽️

For more information about Ricardo’s Smokehouse visit: https://www.themarketplacearuba.com/directory/ricardos-restaurant-bar



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