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Surinam Airways Expands Connectivity with New Route from Aruba/Curacao to Miami

Surinam Airways Expands Connectivity with New Route from Aruba/Curacao to Miami

Surinam Airways (SLM) is set to significantly bolster its regional presence with extended flight routes, offering enhanced connectivity and diverse travel options. The airline’s strategic expansion includes routes from Paramaribo to Miami via Aruba and Curaçao, to Belém in Brazil, and a new service to Barbados via Georgetown in Guyana.

Starting from December 13, Surinam Airways will resume flights to Belém in Brazil, leveraging the capabilities of its second Boeing 737-800. This marks a pivotal move for the airline, opening up opportunities for travelers to explore the vibrant city in the heart of the Amazon.

Following closely on December 18, Surinam Airways will introduce flights from Paramaribo to Miami, with layovers in Aruba and Curaçao. The Boeing 737-800, accommodating 162 passengers (including 12 in business class), will operate every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The airline aims not only to fortify its flight schedule but also to contribute to increased capacity and improved connections in the region.

For those interested in the Aruba/Curaçao-Miami route, one-way tickets are priced at approximately $400, with a round trip costing around $599. These routes are envisioned to elevate the travel experience and foster strengthened regional connectivity.

On December 20, Surinam Airways will embark on another milestone by launching a new service to Barbados. The route will operate via Georgetown in Guyana, providing flights on Wednesdays and Sundays. This expansion aligns with the airline’s commitment to offering convenient and logical travel options to diverse destinations.

The airline’s fleet, consisting of two Boeing 737-800s and an Airbus A340-300 for long-haul flights to Schiphol, Amsterdam, showcases its commitment to flexibility in reaching various destinations. The second Boeing 737-800 enables Surinam Airways to enhance connectivity, offering travelers more options and access to exciting destinations.

As Surinam Airways continues its network expansion, passengers can anticipate a seamless and enhanced travel experience. The airline remains dedicated to providing quality air travel services, contributing to the broader improvement of regional connectivity and fostering a dynamic air travel landscape.



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