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Speculation Arises: Rumors of Holiday Inn’s Departure from Aruba After 55 Years

Speculation Arises: Rumors of Holiday Inn’s Departure from Aruba After 55 Years

Rumors are swirling about the fate of the long-standing Holiday Inn Hotel in Aruba, as talks hint at significant changes ahead.

The decision ultimately rests with Pristine Estates Aruba, the owners of the building housing the hotel.

For more than two decades, Alfredo Lowenstein, a well-known investor in Aruba and beyond, has been considering ways to refresh the hotel. Although there’s talk of a possible sale, nothing has been confirmed, leaving room for speculation. Various hotel chains have expressed interest, showcasing Aruba’s appeal as a prime location for hospitality ventures.

Potential Economic Growth
Behind closed doors, Pristine Estates is contemplating major changes, which could bring economic benefits to the island. With plans for expansion, there’s potential for a boost in tourism and the local economy.

Since 2016, efforts have been underway to revitalize the hotel under a new vision. Amidst the uncertainty, the legacy of Holiday Inn in Aruba remains strong, symbolizing resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

As Aruba prepares for what lies ahead, the enduring spirit of Holiday Inn serves as a beacon of hope, highlighting the island’s continued allure for visitors and investors alike.



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  1. We’ve been staying at the Holiday Inn for almost 20 years. I sure hope it doesn’t close. It’s our happy place.

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