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SKY Airline ready to operate flights to Aruba

SKY Airline ready to operate flights to Aruba

Aruba Airport Authority N.V (AAA) is extremely happy to announce the start of a new service from SKY Airline for the second half of this year with flights from South America to Aruba. AAA had the pleasure to host the visit of the SKY Airline team this morning at Aruba Airport. 

AAA had a chance to meet with SKY Airline various times in the last year, working and exploring the start of new routes in the Caribbean. SKY Airline is a Chilean arline company based out of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL) in Santiago, Chile. SKY Airline is the second largest airline in Chile, offering traveling services for passengers as well as cargo services. When SKY Airline started its operations in 2001 they only operated out of main cities in Chile and was one of the first airlines to operate on a low cost model. Currently SKY Airline operates international services to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Uraguay. SKY Airline also operates charter flights in Chile and South AMerica and domestic flights within Peru. 

At this mornings visit with the SKY Airline team those present were Mr. Joost Meijs, CEO, Jurgen Benchsop, COO, Mrs. Barbara Brown, CRDCO, Jo-Anne Meaux Arends ABDE, and the Manager of Operation Ms. Marylou van der Linden of AAA. Also present was the CEO di Aruba Tourism Authority, Mrs. Ronella Croes y CMO, Mrs. Sanju Luiden. The SKY Airline team also met with the Director of the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba, Mr. Edwin Kelly. 

SKY Airline’s Deputy Director of Strategic Planning, Mr. Julio Solar Berguecio and his network planning manager, Mr. Matthieu Selo-Poirier was introduced to all partnerts involved and received all the latest important information involving the logistical operations of the airport, the process of certification of this new service and more information detailing the support that AAA and ATA will offer to make this new route a successful one. During this visit, the SKY Airlines team received a tour of the airport including the terminal and tarmac. 

SKY Airline is preparing to finish all requirements in order to start the new route operation to Aruba and making the connection with all necessary partners in order to hold and start the planned operation. More details on the exact routes, the official start date, frequency of the flights and type of airplanes, will be announced in the following weeks. 

About Aruba Airport: 

Aruba Airport is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean region with more than 22 different airline operating to Aruba contributing to more than 2.5 million passengers per year with flights to 22 different cities, 34 different destinations around the world. Of the markets that Aruba Airport serves; 77% are from the US and Canada, 11% from Latin America, 7% from Europe and 5% from the Dutch Caribbean as of January 2023. 

Aruba Airport recognizes that this opportunity is thanks to economic stability, politcal climate, hospitality, diverse population, and general safety and security of our island. Aruba Airport’s aspiration is to become one of the airports in the Latin American and Caribbean region that is sustainable, safe and ready to move forward in the future, providing a trustworthy workplace, a modern airport facility and excellent service that reflects Aruban hospitality, contributing to a prosperous future for Aruba. 

Find out more about what is happening to Aruba Airport by visiting www.airportaruba.com and connect with Aruba Airport at 







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