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Sinterklaas Arrives in Aruba: A Colorful Celebration for All on November 19th

Sinterklaas Arrives in Aruba: A Colorful Celebration for All on November 19th

Prepare for an enchanting extravaganza as Sinterklaas and his vibrant Pietjes grace the shores of Aruba this Sunday, November 19th! The excitement kicks off with their arrival parade in the downtown area of Oranjestad near the cruiseship terminals, followed by a lively continuation of festivities at the Renaissance Marketplace.

From 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM, immerse yourself in a whirlwind of entertainment. Delight in various captivating dance performances, seize the opportunity to capture memorable moments with Sint and Piet, indulge in treats like popcorn and cotton candy, bounce around in the dino jump, and revel in an array of other exciting activities.

This is an event not to be missed! Rally your family and friends, and be part of an unforgettable day filled with boundless joy and jubilation. Mark your calendars and join us for an extraordinary celebration. See you there amidst the vibrant colors and joyous festivities.

The History of Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is a traditional festival celebrated on December 5th in the Netherlands. Aruba and some of the Caribbean islands; and on December 6th in Belgium and parts of Germany. It is named after Saint Nicholas, a historic Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra, who is known for his generous gifts to the less fortunate. In this tradition, Sinterklaas is an elderly, stately and serious man with white hair and a long, full beard. He wears a long red cape over a traditional white bishop’s alb and sometimes a red mitre, and he carries a big, red book that tells whether each child has been good or naughty in the past year. Reminds you of someone?

Sinterklaas rides a white horse over the rooftops at night, dropping presents through the chimneys for the children. The festival involves the sharing of gifts with loved ones, and it’s known for its joyful parades and the appearance of Sinterklaas’s helpers, known as Piets (Petes in English), who assist him in the distribution of gifts. They are colorfully dressed helpers with a clownlike outfit with its matching hat with a single feather. The character of Sinterklaas is a precursor to the modern Santa Claus, with many similarities between the two, although they are celebrated differently and have distinct origins. On December 5th children place a single shoe outside with grass and a carrot for the white horse named Amerigo also known as Ozosnel, in hopes that Sinterklaas and his Pietjes wil reward them with a gift for being a good boy or girl. Additionally there are many candies and ginger cookies to enjoy during these festivities.



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