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Secrets Hotel: Respecting the court, will only construct where their permit allows

Secrets Hotel: Respecting the court, will only construct where their permit allows

ORANJESTAD – Three Rivers Real Estate, developer of Secrets Baby Beach Hotel, broke their silence on Thursday and responded on the current situation they are facing now in court that is preventing construction to continue. The company, Three Rivers Real Estate, assured that they would honor whatever decision the court makes relating to the dispute of building in a specific area for the hotel. “While this sentencing will limit the activities of construction in the concerned area until the court renders a verdict. It will not influence the continuation on the rest of the permit, where the legal permit has already been deemed irrevocable by the court and because of this construction continues” The company stated.

According to the company, the decision of the court, rendered by the first circuit court, they recognize the need to follow proper procedure and make sure to not construct on the designated area until a decision is made and they receive a proper permit which is what people who live in the area are disputing. “While we promise to respect the decision of the court relating to the construction permit required for the specific area, we are happy to continue construction in the section of our project where we have legal permits which have been deemed irreversible. The project will be completed following all the laws and applicable guidelines of the concerned instituition. Now we are waiting on the decision of the court concerning the disputed area” say Mr. Alejandro Murcia, director of Three Rivers Real Estate.

Additionally, Three Rivers Real Estate assured that they will continue to commit to maintain transparent communication and a solid partnership with the community of San Nicolas and the entire local community.

NOTE: The image used for this article is a rendering of the finished propject which will form part of Secrets Baby Beach Hotel.



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