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Royal Caribbean increases cruises to Aruba in 2024

Royal Caribbean increases cruises to Aruba in 2024

Miami FL – Aruba’s tourism is at an all-time high, this year seems to hit a record. In order to increase our tourism in the year 2024 it is important to make new deal with existing partners.

The minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber lead the delegation of Aruba that consists of the ministery of tourism, Aruba Ports Authority N.V and Aruba Tourism Authority.

On Tuesday, the delegation had a good meeting with the Royal Caribbean Cruiseline executives, they shared positive news with the Aruban delegation.

In this meeting, Royal Caribbean Cruiseline announced that in the year 2023 they would have brought a total of 300 thousand cruisers to Aruba and plan to increase this amount to 340 thousand cruisers next year 2024, which is a substantial increase.

This goes to show the growing relationship and trust that Royal Caribbean Cruiselines has with Aruba. Which also goes to show the high demand of an Aruba vacation experience. Minister Oduber foresees 2024 being a good year in tourism for Aruba.



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  1. I hope that someday the Aruba Government will discontinue with the “All Beaches Are Public” designation! When cruisers arrive on Aruba they are brought in taxis, buses, and a few limos to the Coco Loco right next door to the Costa Linda. Once they arrive they learn that they have to pay about $50 for an umbrella and a couple beach chairs. Reluctant to pay that, many cruisers mosey on over to the Costa Linda and take advantage of the “Public” beach rule and squat for free at the Costa Linda palapas, use the CLBR showers and rest rooms, and show complete ignorance to cleaning up their mess. PLEASE, allow the Costa Linda to OWN their beach and change the “Public Beach” designation. Thank you.

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