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Renowned Company Makes a Heroic Move to Save Owls Nest in Aruba

Renowned Company Makes a Heroic Move to Save Owls Nest in Aruba

Renowned Company Takes Proactive Measures to Protect Aruba’s Owl Nest: Flip Flop Festival Moves to Harbor Arena

In a proactive and commendable move, the organizers of the Flip Flop Beach Festival have shown their commitment to nature by relocating the event, originally scheduled for early June. The decision came after the discovery of an owl’s nest near Bushiri Beach. Working with representatives from the Aruba Conservation Foundation, the festival organizers swiftly sought the best solution to ensure the safety of the nesting owls.

Quick Response to Discovery

During a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon, the decision to change the festival venue to Harbor Arena was announced. Mark-Benson Denz, Media & PR representative of Elite Empire Entertainment, explained the reasoning behind the decision, emphasizing the organizers’ responsibility to protect local wildlife.

Collaborative Efforts for Conservation

Efforts were immediately made to secure the nesting area with ropes and warning signs, while discussions were held regarding further precautions. Despite initial challenges, including logistical concerns and financial risks, the decision was made to prioritize the well-being of the owls and relocate the festival.

Sustainability as a Core Value

Rowald Werleman, representing Tropical Bottling Co. and Brouwerij Balashi, highlighted the importance of sustainability for local companies. He emphasized that supporting environmental initiatives is integral to their business ethos, citing the recycling programs implemented by Chill and Balashi products.

Commitment to Delivering a Memorable Experience

Flip Flop Festival, a cherished event sponsored by Chill since its inception, faced a unique challenge when the owl’s nest was discovered. However, the organizers remained committed to delivering a memorable experience while ensuring minimal disturbance to local wildlife. Despite logistical hurdles, the production team at Elite, consisting of around 40 individuals, is determined to make the event a success at its new location.

Gratitude for Conservation Efforts

With artists already arriving in Aruba, preparations are underway to deliver an exceptional experience for attendees, including both local residents and international festivalgoers. Tsyon Lopez, director of Aruba Conservation Foundation, expressed gratitude for the decision to relocate the festival, acknowledging the ongoing efforts to conserve the island’s owl population and their habitats.

Since November, increased activity in the area surrounding the owl’s nest was noted, prompting concerns about the potential impact of the festival on the nesting site. Evaluations were made to minimize disturbances to the owls, ultimately leading to the decision to relocate the event. Lopez thanked both the festival organizers and the community for their collaborative efforts in wildlife conservation on the island.



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