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Recap: Aruba’s 70th Carnival Celebration – A Kaleidoscope of Culture and Color

Recap: Aruba’s 70th Carnival Celebration – A Kaleidoscope of Culture and Color

Last week, Aruba came alive with the vibrant energy of its 70th carnival celebration, creating an unforgettable spectacle for all who attended.

The festivities kicked off with the exhilarating Jouvert Morning, a lively pajama street bash in San Nicolas that had the island pulsating with soca music and colorful revelers dancing beneath the stars. It set the stage for the excitement to come.

The magic continued with the enchanting Lighting Parade later that same day in Oranjestad, where dancers adorned in luminous costumes illuminated the streets, captivating everyone who witnessed the dazzling display of lights.

But the carnival spirit didn’t end there. The following weekend brought the grand parades of San Nicolas and Oranjestad, each showcasing the unique culture and artistic talent of Aruba. San Nicolas dazzled with extravagant costumes adorned in feathers and gemstones, while Oranjestad stole the spotlight with its vibrant colorful grand procession down Vondellaan and L.G. Smith Boulevard, each elaborately decorated truck and road piece telling a story of Aruba’s rich history and culture.

The costumes themselves were a testament to the dedication and passion of the participants and artists, filled with colorful feathers, shiny gems, and intricate decorations that symbolized the joy of self-expression during Carnival.

As Aruba’s 70th Carnival drew to a close, the traditional burning of “King Momo” at the Oranjestad Harbor Arena marked the end of the festivities, with attendees reflecting on the good times shared and eagerly anticipating the next year’s celebration.

So, while this year’s carnival may be over, there’s always next year to look forward to—another opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and colors of Aruba’s 71st Carnival celebration.

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