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Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes and her party join the ‘no more hotels’ movement in Aruba

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes and her party join the ‘no more hotels’ movement in Aruba

Aruba’s Promising Direction Towards Sustainable Tourism

A Vision for Sustainability

Prime Minister Mrs. Evelyn Wever Croes is leading a significant shift towards sustainable tourism in Aruba. She boldly declared, “No more hotels,” signaling a move towards responsible development. This proactive stance shows the government’s dedication to preserving Aruba’s natural beauty while ensuring a thriving tourism industry for years to come.

Addressing Past Challenges

When Prime Minister Wever Croes took office in 2017, she faced the challenge of balancing previous promises of extensive hotel development with the need for sustainability. Through careful evaluation and negotiation, the government managed to reduce this number significantly, showing a commitment to adapt and prioritize environmental concerns.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Prime Minister Wever Croes has emphasized that her administration will focus on sustainable tourism practices. By restricting new hotel developments to the Secrets brand and imposing a moratorium on further projects, the government is taking firm steps to protect Aruba’s natural resources. Exceptions to this moratorium for Boutique Hotels in designated areas demonstrate a balanced approach, allowing for responsible growth while safeguarding the island’s unique ecosystem.

Setting a Positive Example

Aruba’s dedication to sustainability is a beacon of hope in a world grappling with environmental challenges. By embracing sustainable development, Aruba not only preserves its natural beauty but also sets an example for other tourist destinations globally.

Looking Forward

As Aruba continues its journey towards sustainable tourism, the future looks promising. Prioritizing responsible development and environmental conservation, the island aims to attract conscientious travelers seeking authentic experiences in harmony with nature. With a collective commitment to sustainability, Aruba is paving the way for a vibrant and resilient tourism industry that benefits both visitors and locals alike.



9 Responses

  1. Could you please address what is being done in regards to the horrific case of animal abuse ? Specifically what occurred this week that has so many people globally outraged. CHANGE needs to happen NOW!

  2. It’s interesting that she was elected in 2017 and hotel growth exploded in the last 7 years including the soon to be finished monstrosity Iberostar and now she wants “no more hotels”. Must be an election year in Aruba

  3. Aruba is quickly becoming Cancun and all those problems will come with it. It is a shame that this administration has sold out on protecting Aruba. The electrical grid and sewage treatment are already over capacity. She waiting too long but more than likely profited during the last seven years. Is this an election year?

  4. Where is she in the NO MORE ANIMAL
    ABUSE MOVEMENT. DAILY these animals are being found abused so bad and left to die. It is worse than it’s ever been and she has done nothing to address it. Neither have the papers or reporters because they don’t care. Big movement today remembering a poor dog who was chained to his death with puppies hanging off her. He is One of Arubas politicians and wedding planners. He did this to this poor dog. Alberto Groeneveldt. He is a monster! Aruba is becoming one unhappy island.

    1. This was the movement yesterday for Khaleesi who was murdered by her owner. Justice for Khaleesi and all the animals in Aruba.

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