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Possible Million Dollar Investment to harvest Red Snapper near the coast of Aruba.

Possible Million Dollar Investment to harvest Red Snapper near the coast of Aruba.

Recently Innovasea announced that they aided Petros Aquaculture with great success in securing the approval that they needed from the Aruban Government to launch “open-ocean fish farm” of 8 kilometers in front of the coast of Aruba, approximately 3000 metric tons. We should mention that a source in the Wever-Croes II cabinet assured that they are not aware of this project and are unaware that a permit has been granted. At DIP, they cannot give permits on open water and with after consulting with the miniester this project never arrived.

A Local Company

In Aruba, the ambitious company with this project on water is called Petros Aquaculture Operations VBA, managed by Ramiros Meatproducts VBA. The company was found on 24th of June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. The company that manages this project, Ramiros Meatproducts, was founded shortly on the 20th of December 2019. The company has three directors, Ramiro Dubero, Gunnar Bracelly born in the Netherland and Iselle Dañe, Ramiro Dubero is famously known for the local delicacy “Sanger Yena” made in Aruba.

Aruban Red Snapper

This new “farm” shared a press release from the company Innovasea, will farm Red snapper using Innovasea’s technology called SeaStation. The farm will be built in three phases, and will consist of 16 different SeaStations, supported by a hatchery on land that will continue to grow with 9000 metric tons of biomass and diversification of other species and cultivated seaweed.

First In Aruba

“We are delighted to be associated with Petros to create the first ocean-based fish farm of Aruba” was what Langley Gace, Senior vice-President of Business Development of Innovasea. “This is a very important project for Aruba and the entire Caribbean region, and we are sure that our experts in ocean management and technology tested to cultivate fish in an egg-to-harvest approach will help guarante its success.

Major Investment

The founder and president of Petros, Gunnal Bracelly, shared during a forum about afro-caribbean commerce and investment opportunities, that the three phases of the project will count with an investment of 31 million US dollars. The project will take seven years to complete, which 8 million USD is financed by their own capital and the rest of the funding will be a loan from a bank.

High Demand

Petros selected to harvest Red Snapper due to the high demand, partially because of the scarcity. The platform of open-ocean aquaculture, like their “SeaStation”, will work well in Aruba because they are practically invisible while underwater.

About Offshore aquaculture

Offshore aquaculture is becoming more and more popular around the world, the process of using ocean water to host the “farm” in deep and less protected area, at a certain distance from the coast, where the population of the fish that are harvested will be exposed to more natural life conditions with heavy ocean current and natural movement offers diverse nutrients. One of the concerns for “inshore aquaculture” that operates closer to the coast is that the nutrients not consumed can damage the ecosystem and will contribute to an algae outbreak. On the other hand, critics are concerned about topics such as the consequences of the continued use of antibiotics and other chemicals that will contaminate and the possibility that the harvested fish can escape and infect other non harvested fish with diseases.



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