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Opening of the Command Center in Savaneta: Enhancing Aruba’s Security with Cutting-Edge Surveillance Technology

Opening of the Command Center in Savaneta: Enhancing Aruba’s Security with Cutting-Edge Surveillance Technology

Aruba and Savaneta are celebrating a significant advancement in public safety with the opening of a new surveillance camera control center. This project will enhance the security of the community and represents an important milestone for the region.

Minister Rocco Tjon

Minister Rocco Tjon, the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, played a crucial role in making this project a reality. His leadership and vision were key to bringing this high-tech security initiative to life, positioning Aruba as a leader in technological innovation in the region.

Advanced Surveillance Technology

The new Operation Command Center in Savaneta is equipped with the latest technology, allowing comprehensive monitoring of security cameras and RADAR systems across Aruba. The center is designed to oversee a wide range of surveillance equipment, ensuring thorough and efficient monitoring. This advanced technology is essential for maintaining public safety and enabling swift responses to incidents.

Better Security for Everyone

This new technological advancement means the community can look forward to improved security and order. The development represents a major step forward in maintaining public safety. Residents can feel more secure knowing there is a dedicated facility monitoring the island with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring quick responses to potential threats and incidents.

Community Impact

The Operation Command Center is more than just a technological achievement; it reflects Aruba’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents. This center will play a key role in everyday security operations, providing reliable support for law enforcement and emergency services. By leveraging the latest technology, Aruba is setting a new standard for public safety in the region.

In summary, the opening of the Command Center in Savaneta marks an important moment for Aruba. With advanced surveillance technology and a dedicated team, the island is now better equipped to ensure the safety and security of its residents and visitors. This project underscores the importance of innovation in public safety and sets a new benchmark for others to follow.



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  1. This article on Aruba’s new surveillance system sounds great. I have visited Aruba 17 times and have always felt safe. However, the world we live in is changing every day with more and more shootings, kidnappings, fighting’s, etc. Aruba seems to be ahead of the game and is taking precautionary actions now. Thank you very much. See you next year, and the following years for our annual vacation in safe Aruba.

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