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Oil Spill Update: Aruba Monitoring & Response

Oil Spill Update: Aruba Monitoring & Response

Crisis Management Office (CMO) Vigilant in Oil Spill Response

In the wake of recent events, the Crisis Management Office (CMO) is diligently overseeing the situation surrounding oil patches and tar along certain areas of our shores. With continuous collaboration among all relevant departments, the CMO ensures a proactive approach to monitoring and response efforts.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

  • Public Vigilance: Locals and also visitors are encouraged to report any observations or concerns related to the oil spill to the CMO. Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring timely action and effective management of the situation.
  • Aruba’s Response: Aruba has been closely monitoring the situation stemming from an incident in Trinidad and Tobago on February 12, 2024. As a precautionary measure, Aruba has transitioned into the yellow phase, followed by code orange standby status. The latest satellite images indicate that Aruba has thus far been spared from the spill. However, vigilance remains paramount as there is still a possibility of encountering “teerballs” in the coming weeks.

Immediate Action Protocol

  • Detection and Cleanup: Upon detecting oil patches or tar on our shores, immediate cleanup actions will be initiated, particularly in areas frequented by the public or nesting grounds for turtles. This swift response aims to minimize environmental impact and ensure the safety of both humans and wildlife. On the other hand, no immediate action will be taken if the patches/tar are on cliffs with no risk to humans or animals.

Your Contribution Matters

The Crisis Management Office (CMO) of Aruba urges all individuals visiting our shores to remain vigilant and report any signs of oil patches or tar. Your assistance is invaluable in maintaining the integrity of our coastline and preserving our natural environment.

To report sightings or concerns, please reach out to us via:

Together, let’s safeguard our shores and mitigate the impact of this oil spill crisis. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to environmental stewardship.



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