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Non-Stop Flights to Medellin with Avianca Starting June

Non-Stop Flights to Medellin with Avianca Starting June

Exciting news ahead! Avianca, a key player in Latin American aviation, is expanding its reach to Aruba. This announcement has sparked enthusiasm among travelers and stakeholders alike.

David Aleman, Avianca’s Director of Sales, shares the airline’s ambitious plans to improve connectivity, especially from the lively city of Medellin. Starting June 2nd, a new air route will connect Medellin and Aruba, providing more travel options and strengthening the bond between these destinations.

This expansion not only means more flights but also translates to increased accessibility and convenience for passengers. With eight weekly flights, including multiple options on crucial days, travelers now have greater flexibility in planning their journeys. This increase from 10 to potentially 14 flights per week positions Aruba as the top destination for Avianca flights in the Caribbean.

Behind this development is a partnership between Avianca and Aruba’s Tourism Authority, based on mutual trust and a shared goal of promoting travel. Together, they’ve leveraged Aruba’s appeal and Avianca’s reputation to attract more visitors. Avianca’s 37% market share in seat capacity from Latin America to Aruba speaks volumes about the strength of this collaboration.

Medellin plays a crucial role in Avianca’s network, offering seamless connections to international destinations. By expanding operations beyond Bogota, Avianca aims to provide diverse travel opportunities and enhance the overall passenger experience.

Looking forward, Avianca sees countless possibilities. Cities like Cali and Medellin are seen as promising gateways for further expansion. With a commitment to exceptional service and meaningful connections, Avianca aims to solidify its position as a trusted travel partner in the region.

For travelers, Aruba’s appeal extends beyond its beaches and culture. Avianca ensures a seamless travel experience with comfortable seating options and flexible fare choices. The airline’s fleet, including Airbus A319, Airbus A320, and Boeing 787-8 aircraft, ensures safe and comfortable journeys.

In conclusion, Aruba holds a special significance for Avianca, promising unforgettable experiences. As they continue to grow together, the partnership between Avianca and Aruba offers a future filled with excitement and endless possibilities.



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