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New Tourist Tax to Support Wastewater Treatment Upgrades in Aruba

New Tourist Tax to Support Wastewater Treatment Upgrades in Aruba

Starting July 1, 2024, visitors to Aruba will likely encounter a new fee aimed at supporting critical upgrades to the island’s wastewater treatment facilities.

An Inclusive Approach to Funding

The Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) has been deeply involved in discussions with the Government and Parliament about the most effective way to implement this new tax. AHATA has advocated for a more inclusive approach, suggesting that the fee be collected through the online ED card that all visitors complete upon entry to the island. This method is expected to spread the tax burden among all visitors, rather than solely relying on accommodations to increase the environmental levy.

Government and Lenders Align on ED Card Collection

Initially, the proposed law aimed to increase the environmental levy. However, ongoing conversations indicated that potential lenders, who will likely finance the new wastewater treatment plant, also favored the ED card method. This alignment has led to a significant shift in the proposed tax collection method.

Parliament Likely to Approve the Amendment

Recently, the Government sent an amendment to Parliament, which reinstated the collection method via the ED card instead of the environmental levy increase. It is expected that Parliament will approve this amendment, aligning with AHATA’s feedback and the lenders’ preference.

Details of the New Tourist Tax

The new tax, as presented in AHATA’s January General Assembly, is expected to be $20 per person, per visit, collected through the online ED card. Key exclusions likely include residents of Aruba, travelers visiting for less than 24 hours, and children under 8 years of age. Importantly, the law is expected to ensure that tourists are only taxed once per year, even if they visit multiple times within that year.

Future of Wastewater Treatment

Once approved, Aruba Wastewater Sustainable Solutions N.V., under the umbrella of Utilities N.V., is expected to take over the operation of wastewater treatment. The comprehensive plan includes both short-term and long-term solutions. In the short term, mobile plants will likely be added to increase capacity. In the long term, a new wastewater treatment plant is expected to be constructed, ensuring sustainable and efficient wastewater management for the future.

A Step Towards Sustainability

This new tourist tax is anticipated to be a significant step towards enhancing Aruba’s infrastructure and ensuring the island’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations. By spreading the tax burden fairly and focusing on long-term sustainability, Aruba is likely paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Visitors to Aruba can feel confident that their contributions will directly support vital environmental improvements, helping to maintain the island as a premier destination for years to come.



22 Responses

    1. The rescues have suggested just $1 per person to help the animal CRISIS and it falls on deaf ears.
      Why are WE paying for their sewage problem thats has been an issues for many many years?

  1. Collect money for all the starving , neglected, abused and tortured dogs and cats on your island!! Help the shelters!!! I will NEVER travel to Aruba. The prime minister is a monster.

  2. What about owners of property that have to fill out an ED card? I pay taxes there already. Are we taxed again when travelling to our property there?

  3. I own a property on the island. Will I be subject to this tax when getting an ED card. I already pay taxes.

  4. Use a portion of this money to help the island’s animal population. Spay/neuter! After Aug. 1, it’s going to be worse!

    1. you can always donate. but you don’t right? you want the government to do everything for you??

  5. Yes! Add another $5 per visitor to tackle the stray animal situation. A requirement to spay/neuter and protect the animals

  6. All the developers who are building with the approval of the Arubian government over many years should be paying to upgrade the wastewater treatment facility, not us tourists who own timeshare units on the Island for many years.
    I read earlier today that the electrical are putting in temporary units until they upgrade that facility. Are we going to get taxed for that also ?

  7. Please add or include a portion to help the animals on the island. The foundations can only do so much with the donations that they try to raise on a daily basis. I truly hope the tax goes to where it is supposed to and not into a corrupt pocket which does not benefit the needs of Aruba.

    1. so do it on your own? they are not my animals or a result of anything i have done, why should I pay for it? guessing east coast right? let the government handle everything if you live there. look how it turns out.

  8. This new tourist tax is anticipated to be a significant step towards enhancing Aruba’s infrastructure and ensuring the island’s natural beauty.

    The islands Natural Beauty, how can you this when you are non stop building on top of the Natural Beauty?

    1. i am sure the hotels are creating the most issue, and could afford to pay for most of this. i NEVER stay at the hotels and the 2 week trips i take, i drop 10k at LOCAL places. rarely if ever do i do chains and never hotels. i pay the island people, my friends.

  9. while i am ok I guess with the sewage tax, why the fug would i pay, as a tourist, for animal that reside in and are completely the property of the island???????????????

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