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Minister Ursell Arends leads in implementing vital animal welfare laws in Aruba

Minister Ursell Arends leads in implementing vital animal welfare laws in Aruba

Minister Ursell Arends: Leading Aruba’s Efforts on Animal Welfare Legislation

Minister Ursell Arends shared encouraging updates regarding the government’s ongoing work to enhance animal welfare across Aruba. Collaborating with various rescue groups and the KPA, the Ministry recently received reports of concerning animal treatment, prompting swift action.

Inspiring Action

In a message of hope and determination, Minister Arends took to his Facebook account to address incidents of mistreatment towards animals. He emphasized the island’s commitment to care and encouraged unity in standing against animal mistreatment. Minister Arends urged the community to view these incidents as opportunities for constructive change.

Recognizing the importance of caring for all animals, Minister Arends expanded focus to include the well-being of pets in households. With optimism, he presented the Ministry’s approach, emphasizing prevention and education.

“Our Aruba Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) focuses on addressing the root causes of animal mistreatment. Through education and prevention, we aim to foster a compassionate culture.”

Pioneering Comprehensive Animal Welfare Legislation

At the core of the government’s efforts is the development of comprehensive animal welfare laws. Minister Arends stressed the transformative potential of such legislation in shaping a compassionate future for Aruba.

“We are committed to constructive change. The proposed laws reinforce our responsibility to care for our animals.”

Community Engagement

Minister Arends encouraged community involvement in safeguarding animal welfare, highlighting the importance of collective action and expressed optimism about enhancing animal welfare standards. He invited citizens to contribute to ongoing initiatives.

“Our vision for a compassionate Aruba requires everyone’s participation in order to create a brighter future.”

Minister Arends exuded hope, portraying Aruba as a place of compassion and empathy for all animals.



3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately it’s too late for Khaleesi who has passed away. Her owner has not been punished and the police refused to take a report on him. This is not going to be a “let’s write a law to get rid of this problem” issue. Things have have to change. Animal abuse cannot be tolerated. The government needs to step up and assist the rescue organizations. It’s not One Happy Island when animal abuse is rampant and obvious.

    1. Well stated! Thank you pointing out the obvious, he covering his ass now that a tragedy occurred. Shame on him for not doing his job…

  2. Things have to change and the owner of Khalessi who died should be in jail PERIOD!! Or the owner Alberto should be tied to a tree with a metal collar and left in the hot sun all day and night with no water and food! JUSTICE needs to be for this innocent pup who was tortured!! These things happening does not make Aruba “ one happy island’ prime minister Arends you need to change this as soon as possible !! Thank you!!❤️🇦🇼

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