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Minister Maduro congratulates Family Harms with two projects that adds new value to Aruba

Minister Maduro congratulates Family Harms with two projects that adds new value to Aruba

A traditional Aruban house is renovated as a new distellery for Aruba

Saturday morning Minister Maduro went to admire two new projects; Pepe Margo and Calypso, which are projects that young entrepreneur Jonathan Harms along with his father, Milton Harms, developed and is the new pride and joy of Aruba.

House of Pepe Margo is the new distilery of artisinal Rum. 

The house of the pepe of Mr. Milton; in loving memory of Mrs. Margo, situated in between Wilhelminstraat and Zuidstraat, has been transformed into a distilery of artsinal rum under the name of Pepe Margo in honor of Mrs. Margo which lived in the house. Mr. Milton Harms told how his Pepe Margo would make sweets and sell these from her kitchen window which opens unto Wilhelminstraat. The kitchen of the house was in traditional Aruban style which was recently renovated in its glory, which will now also tell the story of the young entrepreneur Jonathan Harms, because he transformed the kitchen into a distilery for rum and made the product we now know as Pepe Margo. A beautiful project which refurbishes a traditional Aruban home and gives the locals and tourists the opportunity to take a closer look of an Aruban made rum. 

Calypso seltzer made in Aruba

Minister Maduro made a visit as well to another project by the young entrepreneur Jonathan, which is the Calypso plant; the first hard seltzer produced in Aruba. Jonathan transformed a warehouse where many decades ago the Harms Family started their family business, in a modernized plant of alcoholic beverages made of carbonated water in four different flavors. This drink was given the name Calypso and on the logo can see the name of Aruba and the Westpunt Lighthouse. 

Minister Maduro would like to congratulate the Harms family, especially the young entrepreneur Jonathan Harms, with his two beautiful projects which gives honor to our small island of Aruba. “It’s a pleasure to see an Aruban go forward and in the process of giving honor to Aruba. Thank you very much for your belief in the island.” where the words of Minister Maduro at the end of her visit of the two newest projects of the Harms family. 




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  1. Yay can’t wait to try the hard seltzer in September ! Will it be available in the food stores? And is it expensive ?

  2. I tried the Calypso Tangerine hard seltzer when visiting Aruba from the US. It is the best seltzer I’ve ever had!! It tastes clean, refreshing, smooth, and light! I wish I could have it shipped from Aruba to the US! It really is award winning hard seltzer!

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