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Minister Endy Croes: Revitalizing Palo Marga Racetrack After 41 Years

Minister Endy Croes: Revitalizing Palo Marga Racetrack After 41 Years

Minister of Education and Sports, Endy Croes, has announced a highly positive week regarding two major projects under his management: the GPT Dakota Stadium and the Palo Marga Racetrack. In 2024, after 41 years, Minister Endy Croes reveals ambitious plans to revitalize Aruba’s racing scene through the renovation of the Palo Marga Racetrack.

Palo Marga Racetrack

Drag racing, drifting, and speed sports boast a significant following and fan base, perhaps one of the largest in Aruba. Whenever there’s a race, the Palo Marga Racetrack, with a capacity of around 6000 people, is bustling with excitement. However, over the past years, this track has experienced a formal decline and required investments to breathe life back into Palo Marga.

Minister Endy Croes: Promises Made, Promises Kept

Since his time as a member of parliament from 2017 to 2021, Endy Croes has engaged with concerned racers and groups, receiving presentations from the ABM board. As a parliamentarian, Croes was aware of Palo Marga’s situation and the desires of the racers and fans. He consistently explained that should he ever hold executive office, including the sports portfolio, he would make efforts to allocate funds to revitalize the Palo Marga Racetrack.

From September 2021 Until Now

In September 2021, Endy Croes gained the trust of his party and the public to assume the role of Minister of Education and Sports. He immediately resumed discussions with ABM and concerned racers. A lengthy wishlist was presented to him by the racers and the management. Minister Endy Croes prioritized working in phases to achieve concrete goals for Palo Marga. The first priorities were upgrading the lights and renovating the track.

Track Renovation: Potential Tourist Attraction

During his speech at One Cool Summer in September, Minister Endy Croes promised all present that in 2024, he would ensure the track’s renovation. Many might have thought it was a political promise, but as Croes emphasized on several occasions, he was committed to fulfilling his promises, not only for the sport of drag racing and its deserving community but also to potentially attract tourists to the island. Aruba’s vibrant racing scene, coupled with a revitalized Palo Marga Racetrack, could become a significant draw for visitors, boosting tourism and providing an exciting new experience for both locals and tourists alike.

The Contribution of Kurt Johnson TVC

Mr. Kurt Johnson of TVC, with expertise in drag racing tracks worldwide, is part of the team leading the project with a unique race asphalt mix. For the first time in Aruba’s history, this asphalt layer will be applied. It’s a collaborative effort involving C2, Wegenbouw, DOW, and TVC. Specialized equipment had to be imported as it wasn’t available locally. The equipment is set to arrive on May 15th, with the expert crew arriving from the US the following week to commence specialized work between May 20th and 27th.


With this, Aruba is closer to having an accredited track meeting all international standards. Minister Endy Croes expressed gratitude to the team that supported him throughout this challenging process. “Teamwork makes miracles, and with this, we want to deliver a beautiful project for all racers and the large fan base of Palo Marga,” Minister Endy Croes concluded. Congratulations from now on!



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