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 Love on The Menu: Top Valentine’s Dinner Options in Aruba

 Love on The Menu: Top Valentine’s Dinner Options in Aruba

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Aruba beckons couples with its enchanting blend of stunning landscapes and delectable cuisine. From seaside hideaways to historic gems, the island offers an array of dining experiences to celebrate love. Here are nine exceptional options for a romantic Valentine’s dinner:

1. Elements at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort:

   Overlooking Eagle Beach, Elements presents a refined dining experience infused with creativity and elegance. Couples can savor innovative dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients while basking in the romance of a Caribbean sunset. Did we mention it’s on the beach? 

2. Flying Fishbone:

   Located on Aruba’s southern coast, Flying Fishbone offers a unique dining experience where you have the option to dine at tables that are set in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea. Couples can dine amidst candlelight and gentle waves, indulging in exquisite seafood dishes for an unforgettable evening.

3. Hadicurari Restaurant:

   Nestled on the northwest coast, Hadicurari Restaurant captures the essence of romance with its panoramic ocean views and fresh seafood specialties. Couples can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and intimate dining while relishing in the beauty of Aruba’s coastline. A dining delight for all, even a completely vegan menu is available. 

4. Kokoa Restaurant & Bar:

   This beach side favorite offers a modern twist on Caribbean cuisine in a chic and vibrant setting. Couples can delight in flavorful dishes and handcrafted cocktails, creating a memorable culinary experience together.

5. Papiamento Restaurant:

   Housed in a historic Aruban cunucu house, Papiamento Restaurant exudes charm and sophistication. Couples can dine amidst tropical gardens and twinkling lights, savoring a fusion of local and international flavors for a truly romantic evening.

6. Quinta del Carmen:

   Tucked away in a restored plantation house, Quinta del Carmen offers an intimate dining experience steeped in history and tradition. Couples can indulge in authentic and elevated Aruban dishes made with care and attention to detail, surrounded by old-world ambiance.

7. Koal:

   Located in the old “Botica” and “El Mercado” Building, Koal invites couples to embark on an inspiring culinary journey Chef’s Table Style. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant provides the perfect setting for a romantic Valentine’s dinner. Start the night comfortable and relaxed with bubbles in the courtyard.

8. Infini:

   Located at Blue Residence, this fine dining Chef’s Table is a favorite for many. Couples can enjoy gourmet cuisine paired with unique wines from around the world, creating an atmosphere of elegance and romance.

9. Azar:

   Azar fuses ancestral open fire cooking with contemporary gastronomic techniques. A smokey flavored delight awaits couples at Azar, where vibrant spices and bold flavors take center stage. This new favorite restaurant offers a lively ambiance and a feast for the senses, and a journey through history. 

10. Yemanja Wood Fired Grill:

    Situated within a historic structure in Downtown Oranjestad, Yemanja Woodfired Grill has been enchanting a variety of tastes since 2007. Embracing the world’s oldest and most exquisite cooking technique, the culinary team at Yemanja adeptly harnesses smoke and fire to enhance the inherent flavors that arise through precise wood-fired grilling.

From the elegant ambiance of Elements to the seaside charm of Flying Fishbone, Aruba’s diverse culinary scene sets the stage for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether dining under the stars or amidst historic surroundings, each restaurant offers a unique and romantic experience for couples to cherish.



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