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High Rise Hotel Road Reconstruction Phase 2 Progressing Well

High Rise Hotel Road Reconstruction Phase 2 Progressing Well

Overview of the High Rise Hotel Road Project

The Department of Public Works (DOW) has provided an update on the ongoing road reconstruction project near the High Rise Hotel. The second phase of the project is progressing smoothly, demonstrating significant advancements in recent weeks.

Completion of Major Components

One of the key highlights shared by DOW is the substantial completion of the sidewalks, with the majority already constructed. Additionally, part of the “base course” for the road has been laid, indicating steady progress toward the project’s goals.

Installation of New Sewer Systems

Another critical aspect of the project involves the installation of new sewer pipes. This component is well underway, with preparations in place to ensure the efficient laying of these pipes in the coming days. This step is crucial for enhancing the area’s infrastructure and ensuring a sustainable and reliable sewage system for the High Rise Hotel vicinity.

Traffic Advisory for Motorists

In light of the ongoing construction activities, DOW has issued a traffic advisory for motorists. Drivers are urged to use the diversion route via Avenida Nelson O. Oduber to avoid the construction zone unless absolutely necessary. This measure is aimed at ensuring the safety of both the workers on-site and the drivers passing through the area.

Continued Updates from DOW

DOW has committed to providing regular updates on the project’s progress. These updates will keep the public informed about significant milestones and any potential changes to the traffic advisory. Stakeholders and residents are encouraged to stay tuned for these updates to stay informed about the project’s development.

Community Engagement and Support

The success of this project is not only a result of the diligent work by DOW and the construction teams but also the cooperation and understanding of the community. By following the suggested diversion routes and staying informed about the project’s progress, the community plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth completion of the road reconstruction.

The second phase of the High Rise Hotel road reconstruction project is on track, with significant progress in constructing sidewalks and preparing the road’s base course. The installation of new sewer systems is also advancing well, contributing to the overall improvement of the area’s infrastructure. Motorists are advised to follow the designated diversion routes to avoid the construction zone.



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