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Great news! Finally taking action against stray dogs.

Great news! Finally taking action against stray dogs.

MACUARIMA, ARUBA: After conducting various investigations and listening to community feedback regarding the issue of stray dogs on the streets, the Aruba Police Force is preparing a police action aimed at addressing this serious problem that affects all citizens of Aruba.

In recent times, the Aruba Police Force has witnessed a drastic increase in reports of stray dogs. These dogs bite people, children, vulnerable elderly individuals, and even other animals like goats, causing serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. They also create dangerous situations for neighborhoods, motorists, and scooter riders.

Each of these incidents has become all too common and is affecting every citizen on Aruba.

To combat this issue, the Aruba Police Force has prepared a plan to begin reducing the number of incidents and to make our community feel safer without the problem of stray dogs on public roads. This plan will primarily focus on making every individual who is RESPONSIBLE or who makes themselves responsible for taking care of a dog accountable!

“In our action plan, the well-being of both people and dogs is our priority,” stated Chief Commissioner of The Aruba Police, Drs. Ramon ARNHEM, in the context of the national police action plan against stray dogs.

Starting today, a national campaign called “DOGS UNDER CONTROL, IT’S THE LAW” will be launched, filled with extensive information about laws, procedures, management, prevention, and penalties related to this issue. This will precede the police action, which will begin on September 1, 2023. Throughout the month of September, various actions will take place in different neighborhoods around Aruba.

The purpose of this campaign is for the Aruba Police Force, together with other partners, to reduce the nuisance and danger caused by stray dogs and increase the sense of security in our community.

For more information, please visit our website www.kpa.aw and follow local media or our official channels to access all the information.



24 Responses

  1. I read nothing in this article about their plans for humane treatment of the animals. This is a huge concern for the animal lovers on the island as well as the vast number of animal lovers who visit regularly and have heard about practices of the past in dealing with strays (kill cages).

    1. I agree… they are just saying what a nuisance the dogs are, implying it’s the fault of the animals. Frustrating…

    2. Just came home from first visit to Aruba. Strays were everywhere. We saw a couple sick dogs and one dead dog. Heard kill cages are still the governments number one “go to” strategy. How can One Happy Island be so oblivious to humane care for dogs?

  2. This doesnt sound good at all – nothing was really told how they will handle this – I would bite too IF I was left in that hot weather with no food or water ! Come on Aruba you can do better like Holland has – take note of how they did it

  3. This does not sound like a solution! Why doesn’t the government require registering and spaying with a tax or rebate program. They need promote care for the animals.

  4. It doesn’t say what will happen to these poor dogs!!! Will they be euthanized or will the police help rescues to safely spay and neuter? This really concerns me .

  5. Agree with all the previous comments. Nothing about the suffering and neglect these animals are experiencing. If all dogs had to be fixed and there were low cost options for not only dogs but cats as well Aruba would be a much happier island for all. Those that live there, those that want to visit but can’t endure to see the heartbreaking suffering and neglect AND of course the animals that are forced to call the not so happy island their home. Home of horrors for many.

  6. This sounds nerve wracking to me. We just came from a 2 week stay from lovely Aruba and EVERY dog we encountered was sweet and scares and longed for attention and Safety. Not a single
    One was attempting to hurt us and how will they be humanely treating these dogs? The picture with the stick of the two officers was VERY concerning. What are there plans for there poor dogs who are already being mistreated and/or neglected? They DID NOT pose any risk to us when there or anyone else. Please be humane.

  7. I’m very concerned about how they plan to handle these poor abandoned dogs, it’s not the animal’s fault they are suffering and neglected, these animals are experiencing hot weather with no food or water. It’s horrible to watch them suffer, I feed them and give them water every year when I’m there and each dog we encountered was sweet or scared and longed for attention. Not a single dog tried to bite us or showed any bad behavior. I’m all for having them fixed but I don’t believe in euthanizing them to control the surplus population. I think the government should put together a fund to help these rescues hire more people to collect them off the streets and find homes for them, and get the vet care they need. A police team isnt what is needed.

  8. Aruba is a shitty place. I will never visit this island again due to how they treat animals there. It’s a disgusting how Aruba handles the pet problem on the island.
    Don’t support this island!

  9. Why is it the dogs that sound like they are going to pay the consequence for their irresponsible owners? There are so many better options here! Please reconsider what sounds like death for poor innocent animals!

  10. Can you please ask the hard questions…what is their plan for the dogs? It’s great they are going to make owners accountable, but we all know that is not going to really happen. These poor pups are just roaming the streets and beaches. How will they know who owns these pups. We need to know the real truth

  11. Right out of the gate this news is bad for the poor defenseless dogs that didn’t ask to be left on the streets, just Read the heading“taking action against these dogs”these dogs are helpless not mean or biting anyone unless they are abusing them. Why not take serious action against the people that are dumping them in trash bags or at the dump site!!!!

  12. So, what is the plan of action and accountability? It sounds to me like there will be a lot of helpless dogs slaughtered and the writer sounds reasonably happy about that.
    There needs to be a national mandatory spay & neuter program.

  13. Don’t even know where to start 😩😩 it’s not pups fault rescue them re-home and yes punish those who mistreat, breed or neglect them
    I bring pups back with me almost every trip as a rescuer, transporter this breaks my heart and gives me pause as to what the plan really is

  14. It must be very hard for them especially when people let there dogs roam the streets. I say hit the people where it hurts in there wallet and fine them when there dogs are picked up. It is about time people start taking care of there own dogs so ARuba does not have this problem with strays. People have to fix there pets so if they get out there will not be more strays running around.

  15. It’s about time action is taken, I had two incidents that a stray dog attacked my car trying to get to me. The dog literally bites the car and the other dog tried to get in my window to bite me. Very scary 🫣

  16. The way Aruba appears to be treating stray dogs is putting me off coming to country and I’m sure will do the same for other animal lovers. These dogs are hungry and scared but the blame is clearly on them just for being born. This was somewhere I wanted to visit, I don’t think I will now as it would break my heart to see such mistreatment from the officials 🥲

  17. These dogs are scared, hungry and desperate for attention. This was somewhere I wanted to visit, I don’t think I will now as it would break my heart to see such mistreatment from the officials 🥲

  18. How about an education program for the generation that is coming up so that they don’t treat animals the way their parents and grandparents did? How about teaching them some respect for living creatures that don’t necessarily speak? I’ve been watching this behaviour on the island for over 20 years and still wonder why it happens…. knowing full well that it’s nothing less than ignorance.
    Change the way of thinking and change the way of living.

  19. The stray dog and cat situation was totally out of control when I was there in 1999. From what I’ve been told (by people who have recently been there), it hasn’t gotten any better. I will never return. When I emailed and questioned the Aruba Humane Society, I got an extremely rude response and was told to never email them again.

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