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Government of Aruba Takes Action to Enhance RWZI Plant

Government of Aruba Takes Action to Enhance RWZI Plant

Aruba’s Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes has announced an exciting step forward in addressing the challenges faced by the Bubali wastewater treatment plant (RWZI). With tourism booming, the plant has struggled to keep up, but the government’s proactive approach promises a brighter future.

During the quieter times of the pandemic, the RWZI plant experienced some relief. However, as tourism roared back, it became clear that the plant needed help to meet the increased demand. Despite previous attempts falling short due to financial constraints, the government’s unwavering commitment to finding a solution has brought about a new wave of optimism.

A Vital Priority: Privatization for Progress

Recognizing the urgency, the Wever-Croes 2 Cabinet has made the enhancement of RWZI a top priority. A dedicated steering committee, led by the Ministry of Nature, Infrastructure, and Energy, has been established to spearhead the privatization of RWZI. This move is seen as the most effective way to overcome the challenges faced by the plant.

In a positive development, Utilities Aruba, a state-owned company, has stepped up to the plate, expressing eagerness to take over the plant’s operations. This partnership holds the promise of revitalizing RWZI and ensuring a sustainable future for Aruba.

A Sustainable Solution: Aruba Wastewater Sustainable Solutions NV

The transfer of RWZI’s operations and assets to a subsidiary, Aruba Wastewater Sustainable Solutions NV (AWSS), marks a significant milestone in Aruba’s journey towards a greener future. With a clear business plan in place, developed in collaboration with industry experts, AWSS is poised to breathe new life into the plant.

To facilitate this transition, AWSS will acquire RWZI’s assets for a reasonable sum, ensuring that the plant receives the necessary upgrades to meet current demands. Additionally, proposed increases in the environmental levy will provide the financial support needed to fund these vital improvements.

Ensuring Accountability and Progress

Integral to this initiative is the establishment of robust oversight mechanisms to ensure that AWSS operates in accordance with the highest standards. By involving representatives from key government departments, including Nature and Environment, Public Health, and Public Works, Aruba is setting the stage for transparent and accountable governance.

As the privatization bill makes its way through Parliament, the Aruban government remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering tangible results for its citizens. With a clear vision and a collaborative spirit, Aruba is poised to overcome the challenges facing RWZI and emerge stronger than ever before.



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