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Government Intervenes to Protect Aruba’s Nature!

Government Intervenes to Protect Aruba’s Nature!

No Cleaning or Any Other Activity Allowed to Ensure Aruba’s Nature is Protected.

The Court has ruled to prohibit Aruba Ocean Villas from commencing or undertaking any work on Isla di Oro, including cleaning activities. This decision comes after the Foundation Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA) filed a summary case last Friday, March 15, 2024, to halt the cleaning works initiated by Aruba Ocean Villas on the former Isla di Oro, an area under the protection of FPNA where no approval was ever granted for such development.

The Court’s decision, based on the request for an order, includes:

  • Prohibition: Aruba Ocean Villas is barred from commencing or working on Isla di Oro in any form, including cleaning activities. Temporary injunctions may play a role in this context.
  • Fines: Aruba Ocean Villas must pay a fine to FPNA of 50,000 florins per day for any violation of the mentioned prohibition, up to a maximum of 1,000,000 florins.
  • Removal of Assets: The company has the right to remove its belongings (including cleaning equipment) within a period of 2 working days after notification of this judgment to AOV (or within a longer period stipulated between the company and FPNA), which must occur only under the supervision of FPNA (representative).

In essence, this verdict is a powerful declaration of the government’s commitment to protect the environment and Aruba’s nature. It doesn’t just uphold the importance of environmental laws; it also highlights how vital it is for businesses and conservation groups to work together. This decision recognizes the delicate balance between development and preservation, emphasizing the need for corporations to be responsible stewards of the environment.



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