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Exploring Aruba’s Hidden Treasures

Exploring Aruba’s Hidden Treasures

You probably know Aruba for its world-renowned beaches, crystal-clear waters, year-round sunshine and vibrant tourism scene. While the island is indeed famous for beaches like Eagle Beach, Palm Beach and Baby Beach, it’s the hidden gems that truly captivate the adventurous traveler. These hidden gems often escape the crowded tourist itineraries and offer a more tranquil and unspoiled slice of paradise for travelers seeking a more authentic Caribbean experience. Let’s discover some of the best hidden gems in Aruba, offering solitude, natural beauty, and a unique escape from the crowds.

Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach, located northwest of Baby Beach in San Nicolas, is a smaller beach spanning approximately 265 meters and divided into two sections. It stands out as a quieter option due to its limited amenities and somewhat less picturesque appearance compared to Baby Beach. However, if you seek tranquility combined with fine white sand and the crystal-clear waters that showcase the typical Caribbean hues, Rodgers Beach makes for an excellent destination.

Grapefield Beach

Grapefield Beach is truly a unique destination. Its combination of cliffs and beautiful beachfront, along with its serene ambiance, makes it a hidden treasure. This secluded gem is often overlooked by visitors, making it feel almost like your private oasis when you pay a visit. It’s important to note that Grapefield Beach isn’t conducive to swimming or snorkeling due to the prevalent tide, currents, and persistent trade winds. Along the beach, you’ll come across some weathered wooden shacks that surfers still use during their days here.

Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto Beach, situated on the southeastern coast of Aruba, stands as the sole secluded beach on this side of the island. As you head northward, you’ll encounter the Spanish Lagoon, a distinctive point of interest in Aruba. This beach is renowned for its lush mangrove vegetation and its proximity to the Mangel Halto Reef, which you can easily access by walking through the shallow waters. The opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and canoeing here are exceptional, catering to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. The marine life in this area is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you’re seeking tranquil, shallow waters, a place to bask in the sun or indulge in a swim with your children, Mangel Halto Beach is the perfect destination for all these pursuits.

Santo Largo

Santo Largo is located at the Commandeurs Baai between Mangel Halto and Savaneta. This beach is a sandy beach with shallow, calm, crystal clear, turquoise water and it is the type of beach not a lot of people go to. It is a secluded beach, a perfect spot to go for a swim or do some snorkeling when you are in the area. Santo Largo beach is a perfect spot for families to visit, as swimming opportunities are just great here. It will be fun to just relax on your own when you feel like escaping the crowded places. As the beach offers no facilities it is important to bring your own stuff.

These lesser-known beaches offer a chance to connect with the island’s untouched beauty, offering a genuine Caribbean experience, where the whisper of the waves and the rustle of the trade winds create a symphony of tranquility. So, when you plan your next Aruban adventure, consider straying off the beaten path to discover these hidden treasures and unearth the island’s best-kept secrets.



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