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Here’s why the beaches are filled with tents during the week of Easter

Here’s why the beaches are filled with tents during the week of Easter

The week before Easter, also known as Semana Santa to our predominantly Catholic island, marks the start of a tradition called “Campamento”, which continues into the week after Easter.
Dates specifically this year will be from 02 April 2023 to 16 April 2023.
Similar to the American “spring break” vacation, Campamento offers a break from work and school for families. Arubans are known for being family-oriented and often spend their leisure time together. The community is tightly knit, and during Campamento, large groups of extended family and friends coordinate their camping sites together. Some families have been returning to the same camping area for decades, and the tradition originated before hotels existed, with locals observing the holy time in nature.

For many Arubans, Easter camping brings back fond childhood memories, and the tradition continues to be organized and monitored by the government, with families obtaining permits in designated areas. Camping season is filled with live bands and activities such as volleyball, beach tennis, and beach soccer. While the most popular camping areas are Eagle Beach and Baby Beach, camping sites can be found all around the island, except for most of the Palm Beach area in front of the high-rise hotels. If you’re in Aruba during Campamento, don’t hesitate to stop by some of the camp sites and say hello to the locals. You may even be invited to join them for a beer and a game of dominoes!



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  1. I love this tradition. These days families have seemed to disappear. Family is very important in everyone’s life and without a family, you have nothing. You need the connection with the members of the family and make new memories and traditions to carry on for years.

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