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Glass Art in Aruba – Check out DichroManiacs Glass Art at Lava Glass Art Studio

Glass Art in Aruba – Check out DichroManiacs Glass Art at Lava Glass Art Studio

In the heart of Aruba, amidst the vibrant colors and shimmering waters, lies a studio where art comes to life in the form of glass. DichroManiacs, a dynamic duo comprising Jack Ventimiglia and Paulette Bernd Erde, are the creative minds behind an enchanting world of dichroic and iridescent glass art.

How Their Glass Art Journey Began – Who is Dichromaniacs

Their journey into the art world began with diverse backgrounds. Jack’s ventures ranged from organic chemistry to nursing, while Paulette, a trained anatomist, pursued a PhD. Their paths converged during medical school, where Jack assisted Paulette in her anatomical studies. It was here that their shared passion for artistic expression found a new medium: glass.

Together, they embarked on a journey of exploration, traveling the globe to hone their craft. In their home studio, inspired by Paulette’s husband’s love for glass blowing, they experiment with techniques, creating pieces that captivate with their sparkle and change in the dance of light.

Jack’s “Glass Expressions” are whimsical interpretations of life’s moments, while Paulette’s geometrical and mathematically inspired pieces showcase precision and technical skill. Their collaboration is seamless, each piece a unique fusion of imagination and expertise.

Themes and Inspiration: Glass Art in Aruba

The themes they pursue are as diverse as their backgrounds, with Jack drawing inspiration from specific locations like the Islands of Aruba and Key West. Paulette’s creations complement his, weaving a narrative that invites viewers to contemplate life’s moments.

Describing their work as whimsical, electrifying, and thought-provoking, DichroManiacs emphasize the magic of their pieces, which must be seen in person to truly appreciate. Their art is not static; it evolves with the changing light, inviting viewers to engage in a dynamic experience.

Influenced by the great artists of Pointillism, Impressionism, and Whimsical Realism, Jack’s work reflects a blend of styles, while Paulette’s love for glass blowing and analytical themes in nature shines through in her creations.

The creative process behind DichroManiacs’ art is meticulous and laborious, involving design, selection of glass, cutting, shaping, and multiple kiln firings. Each piece is a labor of love, taking months to create and incorporating unique techniques developed over years of experimentation.

For DichroManiacs, art is more than just expression; it’s a healing force that allows society to pause and be present in the moment. Their work reflects a commitment to inspiring joy and contemplation, making the world a brighter place, one glass creation at a time.

Visit Lava Aruba Glass Studio

Currently, DichroManiacs are being featured in Lava Aruba Glass Studio, where their art adds a touch of whimsy to the vibrant cultural landscape of Aruba. Negotiations are underway for them to share their expertise through glass fusing classes, further enriching the artistic community of the island.

In the midst of Aruba’s beauty, DichroManiacs invite locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the magic of glass art, sparking imagination and contemplation with every shimmering creation.

Want More Dichromaniacs?

Check out their glass art and more information at: https://dichromaniacs.com/



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