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Coming to Aruba with Family: What are the Best Excursions to Consider

Coming to Aruba with Family: What are the Best Excursions to Consider

Aruba is a fantastic destination for families, offering a wide range of activities that will keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover, or a history buff, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the best excursions to consider when visiting Aruba with your family:

1. Snorkeling at Arashi Beach

Aruba is famous for its underwater world, and a family snorkeling excursion is a must-do. One of the best places for this adventure is Arashi Beach, where you can explore a vibrant coral reef teeming with marine life. Kids and adults alike will be amazed by the colorful fish and the opportunity to get up close and personal with Aruba’s fascinating aquatic ecosystem.

2. Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm in Aruba is a magical place for kids and adults alike. It’s a tropical garden where you can see and learn about the life cycle of butterflies up close.

3. Visit the Ostrich Farm

The Aruba Ostrich Farm provides a fascinating and interactive experience for families. You can take a guided tour to learn about these giant birds and even feed them. The farm is both entertaining and educational, making it a memorable adventure for kids and adults alike.

4. De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a family-oriented water park offering a range of activities. Enjoy water slides, banana boat rides, snorkeling, and even an all-you-can-eat buffet. Can you picture yourself dancing to the view of the ocean? Join their daily salsa classes and at some extra flavor to your vacation.

5. Arikok National Park Exploration

Arikok National Park is Aruba’s hidden gem, offering a range of outdoor adventures for the entire family. You can embark on a guided tour of the park to discover its unique landscapes, including desert terrain, limestone caves, and picturesque natural pools. The park is also home to diverse flora and fauna, making it an excellent educational experience for kids. Arikok National Park boasts the distinctive Divi Divi tree, which famously grows bent to the southwest due to the constant trade winds. It’s an iconic symbol of the island and a great spot for family photos.

6. Family Photoshoot

A family photoshoot in Aruba is a perfect way to capture cherished memories in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Aruba’s stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for family portraits. Professional photographers on the island can capture your family’s joy and togetherness against this idyllic setting, ensuring you have lasting mementos of your vacation. Whether it’s a casual beach photoshoot or a more formal session at iconic locations like the California Lighthouse or Arikok National Park, a family photoshoot in Aruba is a delightful way to document your journey on the “One Happy Island.”

7. Discover Aruba’s History at Fort Zoutman

Fort Zoutman, the oldest structure on the island, is a captivating place to explore Aruba’s history. The fort houses the Historical Museum, which offers an informative journey through Aruba’s past, including its indigenous Arawak roots and Dutch colonial history. The kids can engage in hands-on activities and gain a deeper understanding of the island’s heritage.

8. Philip’s Animal Garden

This animal rescue and rehabilitation center is a great place for families to interact with rescued animals, including donkeys, goats, and snakes. It’s a hands-on experience that’s both fun and educational.

9. Horseback Riding

Experience the island’s beauty from a different perspective by taking a family horseback riding excursion. Enjoy a leisurely ride along the beach or explore Aruba’s countryside.

10. Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Visit the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary, where you can feed and interact with these friendly creatures. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn about the importance of animal welfare.



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