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CEO of A.T.A awarded the “Destination Resilience Award” to Aruba

CEO of A.T.A awarded the “Destination Resilience Award” to Aruba

Wednesday the CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A) Mrs. Ronella Croes accepted the “Destination Resilience Award” that Aruba received from the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) to Minister of Tourism and Public Health Mr. Dangui Oduber. This is a recognition that Aruba has received for all the work and dedication displayed during the pandemic. On October 3rd, 2022, it was the first time in history that an award in this category was ever given. 

The award was received during an awards ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of the 40th anniversary of CHTA’s Caribbean Travel Marketplace. 

Aruba was recognized for the destination management and the recuperation plan that was implemented in order to receive its visitors back after the closing of the border. Aruba received recognition for the excellent manner in which it made the best decision and actions it took during the pandemic, and now it has one of the best tourism recovery in the world.  

The collected documents clearly show many other accomplishments in other forms such as digitalization of the immigration platform, the introduction of the Aruba Visitors Insurance, a hard and successful job on behalf of A.T.A. This is an accomplishment for both the public and private sector that worked together for the benefit of our tourism industry, including the whole A.T.A organization. 

Minister Oduber surely received this award with a lot of honor and gratitude, it will serve as motivation to continue to work hard for the benefit of all Aruban citizens. 

The island of Aruba should be honored by this prestigious award that gives recognition to all the hard work and dedication of the Minister of Tourism. Minister Dangui Oduber is extremely honored. 



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