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Aruba Tourism March Report: Promising Trends and Sustainable Growth in 2024

The first quarter of 2024 brought promising statistics for tourism, emphasizing Aruba’s commitment to a “High Value-Low Impact” model. This model aims to balance four pillars: the quality of life for residents, visitor experiences, nature and environmental preservation, and the economic contribution of the tourism sector. Despite challenges, demand for Aruba remains strong, with a […]

5 Must Do Things While in Aruba

Visiting Aruba and wondering what are the top things you absolutely must visit?Here are five must-do things while in Aruba. Explore Natural Wonders: Aruba is home to stunning natural landscapes, including beautiful beaches like Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, where you can soak up the sun or enjoy water sports. Don’t miss the rugged beauty […]

Experience Saint Patrick’s Day in Aruba: A Fusion of Tradition and Tropical Fun

Are you seeking a unique way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day while basking in the sun and enjoying the Caribbean breeze? Look no further than Aruba, where the vibrant culture of the island meets the festive spirit of this Irish holiday. From sipping craft cocktails in chic speakeasies to dancing the night away on the […]

Glass Art in Aruba – Check out DichroManiacs Glass Art at Lava Glass Art Studio

In the heart of Aruba, amidst the vibrant colors and shimmering waters, lies a studio where art comes to life in the form of glass. DichroManiacs, a dynamic duo comprising Jack Ventimiglia and Paulette Bernd Erde, are the creative minds behind an enchanting world of dichroic and iridescent glass art. How Their Glass Art Journey […]

Oil Spill Update: Aruba Monitoring & Response

Crisis Management Office (CMO) Vigilant in Oil Spill Response In the wake of recent events, the Crisis Management Office (CMO) is diligently overseeing the situation surrounding oil patches and tar along certain areas of our shores. With continuous collaboration among all relevant departments, the CMO ensures a proactive approach to monitoring and response efforts. Stay […]

Non-Stop Flights to Medellin with Avianca Starting June

Exciting news ahead! Avianca, a key player in Latin American aviation, is expanding its reach to Aruba. This announcement has sparked enthusiasm among travelers and stakeholders alike. David Aleman, Avianca’s Director of Sales, shares the airline’s ambitious plans to improve connectivity, especially from the lively city of Medellin. Starting June 2nd, a new air route […]

Tasty Tales: La Mer Fine Dining – A Mediterranean Newcomer

For our very first review we decided to start with a brand new restaurant with just two months open. Step into a world of Mediterranean delights at La Mer Fine Dining, where every dish tells a tantalizing tale of flavor and finesse. As we embarked on our culinary journey, we were greeted with a delightful […]

Introducing Tasty Tales: Your Passport to Culinary Adventures

Hey there, foodies in Aruba! Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey with us as we unveil our brand-new column: Tasty Tales! Here at Aruba Papers, we’re all about serving up the juiciest, tastiest stories from the island’s vibrant culinary scene. So, what exactly is Tasty Tales, you ask? Well, picture this: we’ll be […]