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Aruba Hosts the First Relaxathon

Celebrating Relaxation on the Caribbean’s Sunny Shores On June 13, 2024, Eagle Beach in Aruba witnessed the debut of the Relaxathon, the Caribbean’s first-ever relaxation competition. Hosted by Shaun White, one hundred participants gathered to compete in an hour-long event dedicated solely to the art of relaxation. What is the Relaxathon? The Relaxathon is a […]

Renowned Company Makes a Heroic Move to Save Owls Nest in Aruba

Renowned Company Takes Proactive Measures to Protect Aruba’s Owl Nest: Flip Flop Festival Moves to Harbor Arena In a proactive and commendable move, the organizers of the Flip Flop Beach Festival have shown their commitment to nature by relocating the event, originally scheduled for early June. The decision came after the discovery of an owl’s […]

Minister Endy Croes: Revitalizing Palo Marga Racetrack After 41 Years

Minister of Education and Sports, Endy Croes, has announced a highly positive week regarding two major projects under his management: the GPT Dakota Stadium and the Palo Marga Racetrack. In 2024, after 41 years, Minister Endy Croes reveals ambitious plans to revitalize Aruba’s racing scene through the renovation of the Palo Marga Racetrack. Palo Marga […]

Aruba Hi-Winds 2024 Beckons for Five Days of Unparalleled Action and Adventure!

Experience the Thrill of Aruba Hi-Winds 2024: Five Days of Action A Watersports ExtravaganzaAruba Hi-Winds, an iconic watersports extravaganza, is back in 2024 for its 36th edition, promising an electrifying fusion of adrenaline-pumping races and vibrant beachside festivities. Established by two visionary friends in 1986, this annual event has transcended its origins to become a […]

It’s National Anthem and Flag Day in Aruba!

March 18 is all about celebrating what makes us proud to be Aruban. Let’s take a quick trip back to 1976 when our flag was first raised, marking our independence within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Aruban flag has got three main colors: blue, red, and yellow. The blue stands for the ocean that’s […]

Mariah Carey Will Take Center Stage at Aruba’s Soul Beach Music Festival 2024

The Soul Beach Music Festival, scheduled to light up Aruba from May 22nd to May 27th, 2024, proudly announces Mariah Carey as its headlining act. With a career spanning decades, Carey stands as one of the most influential and successful artists in the music industry. Known for her astonishing vocal range, Carey has captivated audiences […]

Latin Music Sensation Juan Luis Guerra to Illuminate Aruba’s Stage This July!

Renowned Latin music sensation Juan Luis Guerra is set to grace the shores of Aruba with his mesmerizing melodies this coming July. Following a spellbinding performance alongside his band 440, where they captivated a staggering 50,000-strong audience at the Olympic Stadium in the Dominican Republic, Guerra’s global fan base eagerly anticipates his upcoming appearance. International […]

Recap: Aruba’s 70th Carnival Celebration – A Kaleidoscope of Culture and Color

Last week, Aruba came alive with the vibrant energy of its 70th carnival celebration, creating an unforgettable spectacle for all who attended. The festivities kicked off with the exhilarating Jouvert Morning, a lively pajama street bash in San Nicolas that had the island pulsating with soca music and colorful revelers dancing beneath the stars. It […]