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Aruba Hosts the First Relaxathon

Celebrating Relaxation on the Caribbean’s Sunny Shores On June 13, 2024, Eagle Beach in Aruba witnessed the debut of the Relaxathon, the Caribbean’s first-ever relaxation competition. Hosted by Shaun White, one hundred participants gathered to compete in an hour-long event dedicated solely to the art of relaxation. What is the Relaxathon? The Relaxathon is a […]

Aruba Government Introduces New Measures for Aquatic Activity Safety

In a move to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying Aruba’s beautiful blue waters, a comprehensive reevaluation of aquatic activity management was deemed necessary. During a press conference, Minister of Transport, Ursell Arends, announced the new implementation of the watersport policy. This policy, approved by the Council of Ministers on May 28, 2024, aims to […]

Aruba’s First Vacation Rental Regulation Law Approaches Completion

New Law for Regulating Vacation Rentals in Aruba Nears Completion Minister Oduber Announces Pending Legislation Minister Dangui Oduber has announced the imminent presentation of the first law to regulate vacation rentals in Aruba to Parliament. According to reports from the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), the number of vacation rentals on the island has significantly increased. […]

Aruba’s Historic DOW Building Finds New Purpose as APA Office and ATA Visitor Center

Aruba recently celebrated the official transfer of the former DOW building to the Aruba Ports Authority (APA). Built in 1947 and left unused for over 15 years, the building’s revival marks a significant moment in the island’s development. It promises to serve as the APA office and also house an innovative ATA Visitor Center. Reviving […]

Aruba Explores Diversifying Its Economy Beyond Tourism By Tapping Into The Potential Of Petroleum

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes: Aruba’s First Petroleum Exploration Contract with Armstrong International LLC & Gas Exploration VBA Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes recently attended the signing ceremony of the contract between the Aruban Petroleum Company (CAP) and Andicuri Oil & Gas Exploration VBA (AOGX), a local subsidiary of Armstrong International LLC (“AI”), for the exploration, development, […]

Minister Dangui Oduber Announces Exciting Direct Flight Route from Brazil to Aruba

Exciting News: Direct Flights from Brazil to Aruba Announced In a recent press conference, Minister Dangui Oduber, along with representatives from the Aruba Airport Authority and the Aruba Tourism Authority, proudly announced the introduction of direct flights from Brazil to Aruba. This marks a significant step in Aruba’s efforts to enhance its global connectivity and […]

Cruise Ship Season Brings Festive Buzz to Aruba’s Streets!

Cruise Ship Season Starts in Aruba: Get Ready for a Festive Summer! Aruba’s vibrant cruise ship season kicks off on Saturday, June 1, and sails through until Tuesday, September 24. This period brings a festive atmosphere to the island as multiple cruise ships dock, filling downtown areas with visitors and adding a lively buzz to […]

New Tourist Tax to Support Wastewater Treatment Upgrades in Aruba

Starting July 1, 2024, visitors to Aruba will likely encounter a new fee aimed at supporting critical upgrades to the island’s wastewater treatment facilities. An Inclusive Approach to Funding The Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) has been deeply involved in discussions with the Government and Parliament about the most effective way to implement this […]

Renowned Company Makes a Heroic Move to Save Owls Nest in Aruba

Renowned Company Takes Proactive Measures to Protect Aruba’s Owl Nest: Flip Flop Festival Moves to Harbor Arena In a proactive and commendable move, the organizers of the Flip Flop Beach Festival have shown their commitment to nature by relocating the event, originally scheduled for early June. The decision came after the discovery of an owl’s […]