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Delta Airlines Launches New Direct Flights from Minneapolis to Aruba

This winter, Delta Airlines is introducing an exciting new travel option for those looking to escape the cold. Beginning December 20, 2024, Delta will offer direct flights from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to the sunny paradise of Aruba (AUA). These flights will operate on Fridays and Sundays, providing a convenient and reliable way for […]

Fires of Aruba: Celebrating Dera Gai’s Cultural Heritage from Past to Present

Dera Gai: Celebrating Aruba’s Cultural Heritage from Past to Present Dera Gai is an annual festival celebrated on June 24th in Aruba, deeply rooted in the island’s history and culture, blending old traditions with modern celebrations. Historical Origins and Traditions The name “Dera Gai” comes from Papiamento, meaning “bury the rooster.” It originated from ancient […]

Queen Beatrix International Airport: USA Departure Hall Opening in Early 2025

Major Milestone for Gateway 2030 Project Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba has announced a significant expansion with the opening of a new USA Departure Hall, scheduled to be operational in early 2025. This development is a key component of the airport’s ambitious Gateway 2030 project, which aims to enhance the airport’s infrastructure to better […]

Experience the Enchantment of Full Moon Nights at California Lighthouse, Aruba

Exclusive Invitation for June 21 and 22 Join us for a special Full Moon Viewing event at the California Lighthouse in Aruba on June 21 and 22! This is a rare opportunity to witness the nocturnal splendor of Aruba and be captivated by the magical full moon. Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and stunning vistas under […]

Aruba Introduces $20 Sustainability Fee for Visitors Starting July 2024

New Sustainability Fee for Aruba Visitors Effective July 1, 2024 Starting July 1, 2024, visitors to Aruba will be required to pay a $20 sustainability fee per person when completing the Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card online. This initiative aims to support critical upgrades to the island’s wastewater treatment facilities and other sustainability projects. Fee […]

Word-of-Mouth Remains a Key Recommendation for Aruba, Says A.T.A.

Positive Impact of ‘Word-of-Mouth’ on Aruba’s Tourism Since May 2024, Aruba’s tourism has seen a remarkable boost, with ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations ranking among the top three reasons tourists choose the island. This trend reflects how visitors become ambassadors of Aruba based on their positive experiences. The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) continues its efforts to enhance marketing […]

Top Tips for an Unforgettable Father’s Day in Aruba

Father’s Day in Aruba: A Celebration Guide Celebrate Father’s Day in Aruba with a blend of great food, exciting activities, and beautiful beaches. Here’s a straightforward guide to making the most of your time on the island with Dad: Enjoying Good Food Start the day with a hearty breakfast at The Dutch Pancake House at […]

Changes in Aruba’s Watersport Permit Regulations: Updates and Implications for Maritime Activities

New Guidelines for Watersport Permits Changes in Aruba’s Watersport Permit Regulations: Updates and Implications Minister Ursell Arends recently organized an informative session to discuss new regulations governing watersport permits and commercial boats in Aruba. The session focused on the introduction of propeller guards and additional onboard personnel requirements. Stakeholders provided various perspectives on the new […]

Aruba Hosts the First Relaxathon

Celebrating Relaxation on the Caribbean’s Sunny Shores On June 13, 2024, Eagle Beach in Aruba witnessed the debut of the Relaxathon, the Caribbean’s first-ever relaxation competition. Hosted by Shaun White, one hundred participants gathered to compete in an hour-long event dedicated solely to the art of relaxation. What is the Relaxathon? The Relaxathon is a […]