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Camping season 2023 announced!

Camping season 2023 announced!

In connection with the upcoming camping season during spring break, the Chief of Police, Mr. Ramon Arnhem, urges all campers to be aware of the conditions set for the camping permit.

Camping starts on Sunday, April 2, 2023, from noon, and the last day is April 16, 2023. It is only permitted to set up tents and trailers on the beach during these days. The Police will remove any tents or trailers placed on the beach before the starting day and time, at the owner’s expense.

After April 16, 2023, campers must remove all camping-related objects should be removed from the beach. Failing to remove these will also result in their removal at the permit holder’s expense. The police urge everyone to keep all beaches clean. Dispose of all trash in trash containers or trash bags.

Deadline for a camping permit

The last day to apply for a camping permit is March 15, 2023, at 4:30 pm. You can submit permit applications during weekdays from 8:00 am to 11:30 am and from 1:00 pm to 04:30 pm.

Additional conditions are now applicable:

BBQ on the beach (sand) is not allowed under any circumstance. BBQ is only allowed in designated areas and when using a gas BBQ Pit. Charcoal is not permitted at all.

Tents and trailers used for camping should be in good condition and placed at least 10 meters from the water’s edge and 5 meters from the road’s side. Not complying with these guides will also result in the removal of these tents or trailers by the Police.

Camping sites can under no circumstance be reserved.

You are allowed to only place a tent, trailer, and objects in the location designated by Government officials.

Tents/trailers should have proper first aid resources (First Aid kit) Obscene objects or posters are prohibited. Campers should always comply with all the conditions set in the camping permit. Motor vehicles, bicycles, horses, or any cart is prohibited on the beach. Campfires are prohibited on the beach The sale of food, refreshments, cocktails, or any other item on the beach without the proper permit is prohibited.

You can only play music in a tent or trailer during the weekdays until 10:00 pm and on the weekend until midnight as long as it does not cause nuisances to neighbor campers. It is not allowed to trim or chop any tree without a permit. Boating or setting anchors in designated swimming zones is not allowed. It is prohibited to tie boats to buoys meant for ships. It is not allowed to use pallets and cardboard on the beach. Failing to comply with this rule will result in the removal by the authorities.

The beach or palm trees are not allowed to be used as a toilet. Horses and dogs are not allowed on the beach. Beach huts are not allowed to be used for camping and should remain available for beach goers. All beaches should be kept clean. Glass bottles and or glass shrapnel must be removed immediately from the sand and not discarded in the ocean. It also applies to all trash.

You cannot transfer the camping permit to a third party. The permit holder should have the permit visible to the police in the tent/trailer. The permit holder’s right to use the camping site is exclusive during the camping period. Before the camping date, no area can be reserved/marked or cordoned off, etc.

The permit holder is solely responsible for any harm caused to others by his/her trailer/tent or any other object. The permit holder must strictly follow police directives in the interest of public order, the safety of people, morality, and property. Failing to comply with any of these conditions is considered similar to camping without a permit. The camping permit will be immediately revoked and may result in a fine. The deadline for the camping permit application is March 15, 2023, at 4:30 pm. Comply with all the rules and regulations and have great camping. Be aware that the police will be actively checking all beaches and camping sites during the camping season.



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