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Aruparking is being reactivated next month

Aruparking is being reactivated next month

It could be noted that Aruparking has been reapplying stickers and the Minister for Transportation confirmed during a press conference that Aruparking will be re-activated at the start of May. 

Ursell Arends, the Minister of Transport indicated that Aruparking will soon announce this themselves. There are just some final details that need to be finalized before it can be re-activation. For now, the goal is to have it up and running again by May. Besides this, the plan is also to get more parking spots in the city center. 

Colors of the parking spots will be changed

When Aruparking was announced, there were two colors for the parking spots. , which are white for visitors who are just coming to shop, while the yellow spots are for employees that work in the Playa zone. 

The minister announced on the 3rd of April, that all yellow spots will now be white as well. According to Arends, this will be a big help to the community. 

Parking in Aruba

To enhance the parking experience in several busy areas in Oranjestad, paid parking has been implemented in Aruba as a solution to the lack of available parking spaces.

The paid parking spaces in Oranjestad are centralized around the Caya Betico Croes, also known as the Main Street, and the L.G. Smith Boulevard, the main road alongside the Renaissance Resorts, malls and Aruba’s parliament.

The regular parking spaces are made visible by white lines to mark each individual space, along with registration numbers. The yellow lined parking spaces are for employees and permit-holders only and are not available for regular parking. Please note the differently colored spaces as you park your car.

Tariff for paid parking

The tariff for paid parking in Aruba is mentioned on the parking machine in Aruban Florins (AWG), but you can also pay with American $ cents:

30 min: 1 AWG=$0.55

90 min: 2 AWG=$1.15

+90 min: AWG 0.50 cents for every additional 15 minute = $0.30

Walking around with coins is a hassle, so good thing you can also purchase a rechargeable Aruba parking SmartCard for AWG 15, -. This parking card comes with a balance of AWG 10,-. Take the card with you back home; the card nor the credit expires! The SmartCards are sold at most hotel gift shops and car rental companies and can be recharged at any Aruparking/Arubus recharging stations.



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