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Aruba’s very own “New Local Winery”

Aruba’s very own “New Local Winery”

A local investor brings a new concept in the Aruban market by introducing a locally made wine and rum under the brandname Altovista.

Wine and rum produced in Aruba from grapes and sugar cane plants grown and harvested in Aruba. Altovista winery and wine tasting tour brings a new and exciting activity in Aruba.

Alto Vista Winery is an Aruban estate winery, meaning that the wines are elaborated with the grapes grown on its own vineyard.  Due to the desert climate, local agriculture is very challenging, however, with creative efforts Alto Vista was able to succeed in the commercial growth of vines, thus becoming Aruba’s first and only boutique winery. The particular local environment and circumstances create a special terroir that reflects in the unique flavors and aromas of the wines, which are all handmade in an artisan manner dedicated to quality.



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  1. I’m looking forward to trying the wine and rum on my next visit. I appreciate Arubans innovation, always looking to the future and trying new things

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