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Aruba’s Tourism Association introduces Aruba Impact Awards

Aruba’s Tourism Association introduces Aruba Impact Awards

#LOCAL President and CEO of AHATA, Tisa LaSorte, proudly announces to its members the AHATA Impact Awards. The goal of the awards program is to recognize the efforts of responsible companies, members of AHATA, that are investing and improving our community. 

There will be separate awards in four categories of sustainability:

  • Charity (monetary donation or volunteering) 
  • Cultural Promotion
  • Protecting our island climate 
  • Improving employees’ quality of life. 

AHATA collaborated with five representatives of respected organizations in Aruba to develop the requirements for these awards and the criteria for evaluation. This same group of five people will serve as the panel of judges to evaluate all applications and choose the four winners.  

The panel of judges are: 

Daniel Tecklenborg; Director of CEDE Aruba

Franciele Laclé; Counselor for Sustainable Development 

Ray-Ann Hernandez; Director of UNOCA 

Jan Noordzij; Manager of “Advance Human Resources Services” 

Rosabelle Illes; PHD, Psychologist and assistant professor at University of Aruba 

During a special event in June, AHATA will announce the four winners of the AHATA Impact Awards. 

With this new awards program, AHATA will show support for sustainable companies and hopes to inspire more companies to invest in the pillars of sustainability which will ensure a good future for our island. 



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