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Aruba’s Step Towards Fair Tourism: Minister Oduber Proposes Vacation Rentals Regulation

Aruba’s Step Towards Fair Tourism: Minister Oduber Proposes Vacation Rentals Regulation

Aruba Takes Action Towards Sustainable Tourism, Minister Oduber Introduces “Vacation Rentals Regulation” to Ensure Fairness

Addressing the Trend

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about “vacation rentals,” a topic that has certainly captured the attention of Minister Dangui Oduber for some time now. The phenomenon of tourists preferring to stay in vacation rentals is something that has been trending worldwide for several years and is a trend that we’re also seeing in Aruba. According to a report from the Aruba Tourism Authority, approximately 30 percent of our visitors are staying in this type of accommodation.

Creating Fairness

Minister Oduber explained that it’s crucial to establish regulations for vacation rentals to create a level playing field in Aruba. The government plans to regulate this through a registration process, requiring every property owner with a listing to register to operate their vacation rentals.

Enhancing Oversight

The Minister announced that the process of separating the Department of Food Inspection and Hygiene (DWH) from the Department of Public Health (DVG) is already underway. The legislation for this separation is in its final stages before being presented to the Advisory Council. This unit will become a unique entity responsible for issuing permits and conducting necessary inspections to maintain the quality of our Aruban products. Inspections will include hygiene and safety checks, along with the ongoing digitalization of the permit issuance process for hospitality businesses.

Ensuring Compliance

Minister Oduber stressed the importance of creating equality in the operations of those renting accommodations in Aruba, as well as ensuring compliance with taxes. The government also needs to receive its fair share, including the Tourism Levy, among others. According to Minister Oduber, this is crucial for creating and maintaining equality in the conditions for operating such businesses in Aruba.

Positive Initiative Towards Equality

Minister Oduber believes that this law and approach are not just necessary but also a positive step forward. He expresses satisfaction with the collaborative efforts from various departments, actively engaged in the process of regulating vacation rentals. This united effort is poised to foster equality among businesses and ensure that vacation rental owners fulfill their obligations.

Commitment to Progress and Fairness

Minister Dangui Oduber’s commitment to listening to the people of Aruba and his boldness in introducing solutions for equality in business conditions are commendable. While acknowledging that the path ahead may pose challenges, he remains resolute in his determination to create a fair playing field for all stakeholders. This proactive approach not only demonstrates tangible progress towards sustainable tourism but also underscores the government’s dedication to fostering a balanced and equitable environment for businesses in Aruba.



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