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Aruba’s Historic DOW Building Finds New Purpose as APA Office and ATA Visitor Center

Aruba’s Historic DOW Building Finds New Purpose as APA Office and ATA Visitor Center

Aruba recently celebrated the official transfer of the former DOW building to the Aruba Ports Authority (APA). Built in 1947 and left unused for over 15 years, the building’s revival marks a significant moment in the island’s development. It promises to serve as the APA office and also house an innovative ATA Visitor Center.

Reviving History
The DOW building, with roots dating back to 1947, holds significant historical value. Despite years of neglect, its structure and historical importance remained intact. Recent efforts have brought the building back to life, breathing new vitality into a once-forgotten landmark.

APA Office and ATA Visitor Center
The refurbished building will be the central hub for the Aruba Ports Authority. Located strategically and equipped with modern facilities, it is set to streamline maritime operations, reinforcing Aruba’s position in the regional shipping industry.

In addition to the APA office, the renovated space will feature the state-of-the-art ATA Visitor Center. Utilizing advanced technology, this center aims to immerse visitors in Aruba’s captivating history, development, and culture. Through interactive displays and multimedia, visitors will gain insight into the island’s identity.

Looking to the future
Beyond its practical functions, the APA office and ATA Visitor Center symbolize Aruba’s resilience and progress. By repurposing an unused structure, the island demonstrates its ability to adapt and transform, turning relics of the past into sources of inspiration for the future.

With the transformation of the DOW building into the APA office and ATA Visitor Center, Aruba embarks on a journey of renewal and innovation. This transformation underscores the island’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing progress. Aruba sets the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future with each step forward.



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