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Aruba’s First Vacation Rental Regulation Law Approaches Completion

Aruba’s First Vacation Rental Regulation Law Approaches Completion

New Law for Regulating Vacation Rentals in Aruba Nears Completion

Minister Oduber Announces Pending Legislation

Minister Dangui Oduber has announced the imminent presentation of the first law to regulate vacation rentals in Aruba to Parliament. According to reports from the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), the number of vacation rentals on the island has significantly increased. This trend has become highly popular among tourists who prefer these accommodations for various reasons such as cost, accessibility, privacy, flexibility, and greater comfort. Recognizing this global trend, Minister Oduber emphasized the importance of establishing regulations to create a level playing field for vacation rentals in Aruba.

The Growing Popularity of Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals have become a popular choice for visitors to Aruba. Tourists opt for vacation rentals due to several advantages, including affordability, privacy, and the comfort they offer. As this type of accommodation gains popularity worldwide, Aruba has also seen a surge in this sector.

Need for Regulation

Currently, vacation rentals in Aruba operate without specific regulations. This lack of oversight can lead to disparities and potential issues in the market. To address this, the government plans to introduce new regulations to ensure fairness and quality in the vacation rental industry. These regulations will include:

  • Mandatory Registration: All property owners listing vacation rentals will be required to obtain a registration number.
  • Annual Registration Fee: An annual registration/permit fee will be implemented.
  • Digital Permit Applications: All permit applications will be processed digitally.
  • Hygiene and Safety Standards: Properties will be subject to hygiene and safety controls.
  • New Supervisory Entity: A new entity will oversee and supervise vacation rentals.

Formation of Aruba Quality Hospitality Authority

Minister Oduber also shared plans for the creation of the Aruba Quality Hospitality Authority, a new independent unit derived from the Dienst Warenkeuring en Hygiene (DWH), currently part of the Department of Public Health. This entity will manage the entire permit issuance process and conduct necessary inspections to maintain the quality and service standards of Aruba’s tourism products.

Legislative Process and Implementation

The proposed law is currently under review by the Council of Advice to ensure comprehensive feedback before its implementation. This new regulatory framework aims to provide equal operating conditions for all businesses. Minister Oduber believes this initiative will support local owners of vacation rentals by ensuring they meet necessary obligations and standards.

Looking Ahead to a Balanced and Regulated Future

Minister Dangui Oduber expressed his enthusiasm for finalizing this legislation in Parliament. The new structure is expected to promote fair competition and sustainable tourism practices. The long-awaited regulatory framework will soon provide a balanced solution for all vacation rental owners in Aruba, showcasing a concrete step towards sustainable and well-regulated tourism on the island.



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