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Aruba’s 70th Carnival Celebration Kicks Off Today, Check out the schedule and all the festivities coming up in the following months

Aruba’s 70th Carnival Celebration Kicks Off Today, Check out the schedule and all the festivities coming up in the following months

Aruba, the picturesque Caribbean island known for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and lively atmosphere, is set to ignite the spirit of revelry as it officially opens the 70th Carnival season today, November 11. This annual extravaganza is a testament to Aruba’s rich cultural heritage and offers locals and visitors alike a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you are Side Linin’ (watching and dancing from the sides) or joining this years parade as a visitor (more information to follow) you will be sure to feel the island come alive to colorful tunes.

The Grand Opening:

The official kickoff of Aruba’s 70th Carnival promises to be a grand spectacle, with festivities commencing on November 11. The island will come alive with a burst of colors, infectious music, and a palpable sense of excitement. The parades take places during a two month long period in January and February. However, with the official season opening on November 11, the island is bursting with the Carnival music and liveliness in anticipation for this grand celebration.

 The opening ceremonies for the various Carnival Groups on the island is expected to feature a dazzling display of traditional dance performances, vibrant costumes, and the infectious rhythm of Caribbean music.

Side Linin'


A highlight of the Carnival celebration in Aruba is the series of captivating parades that will sweep through the streets, captivating audiences with their energy and creativity. This year’s parades promise to be particularly special, given the 70th-anniversary milestone. Here are some key parades to look forward to during the Carnival season:

1. Lighting Parades: The Carnival celebration will kick off with the highly anticipated Lighting Parade, where participants adorned in illuminated costumes will dance through the streets, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. The combination of lights and vibrant colors against the backdrop of the night sky is sure to leave spectators in awe.

2. Grand Carnival Parades: The Grand Carnival Parades, is the crown jewel of the celebrations, featuring elaborate floats, exquisitely crafted costumes, and a diverse range of music and dance styles. This parade will wind its way through the main streets, offering an immersive experience for both participants and onlookers. Experience the magic uptown as well in the beautiful city of San Nicolas, so you get double the fun in enjoying this lively day parade.

3. Children’s Parades: The Carnival spirit extends to the younger generation with the Children’s Parade. Adorable costumes, youthful exuberance, and the joyous atmosphere make this parade a family-friendly event, showcasing the cultural continuity of Aruba’s Carnival traditions.

70 Years of Carnival:

This year marks the 70th edition of Aruba’s Carnival, symbolizing seven decades of cultural richness, community spirit, and joyful celebrations. Over the years, the Carnival has evolved into a reflection of Aruba’s identity, blending traditional elements with modern influences to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for everyone involve

As Aruba officially opens its 70th Carnival season, the island is set to become a hub of excitement, color, and cultural celebration. The parades, each with its own unique flair, will undoubtedly contribute to the vibrancy and energy that defines Aruba’s Carnival. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the 70th Carnival promises an immersive experience, showcasing the island’s rich cultural tapestry and the enduring spirit of celebration that has made Aruba’s Carnival a globally renowned event. Whether you are side linin’ (watching) or joining the parade, we can’t wait to watch you enjoy and join us in this colorful celebration.



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