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Aruban Deligation is assisting in the 42nd edition of the ANATO conferences

Aruban Deligation is assisting in the 42nd edition of the ANATO conferences

A.T.A forecasts a complete recovery and more growth of the Latin American tourism industry in 2023. 

This week different members of A.T.A Aruba and Latin America, as well as AAA, and other sectors of the tourism industry are in Bogota, Colombia in order to attend the 42nd edition of the “Tourist Showcase and Business Roundtable” hosted by ANATO. 

The tourist showcase organized by ANATO is one of the biggest events in the region, where the opportunity to network and improve tourism relations in this region is given to top officials of all countries attending. 

As a formal custom, the opening of this event was commemorated by the president of Colombia, Mr. Gustavo Petro, who shared a speech with those in attendance. There were a few members present of the Aruba Team which were Rosella Croes, Sanju Luidens, Jordan Schilpken-Croes as well as Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends of AAA.

This week the team for the Aruban Booth at the showcase consisted of Ernst Norman; Dutch Ambassador to Colombia, Jan Willem van Bokhoven’ Director of HollandHouse, along with the team of A.T.A cut the ribbon at the booth to officially open it. 

The Aruban booth consisted of 13 different hotel vendors, tour operators and Aruban companies that attended the event. This is certainly a good indicator of the interest there is in the development and growth of Aruba even though the Latin American market was one of the last ones to open back up after the pandemic, hence why it took longer to recuperate. 

In 2023 it is expected to fully recover the latin american tourism market because the situation has significantly improved and much of the countries are running back as normal. A.T.A has set a goal to recuperate the Latin American market by a 103% by the end of 2023 compared to the ending of 2019 thus indicating a 3% growth. 

In January 2023, a total of 98,842 tourists visited Aruba in which 8350 (8.4%) were from Latin America. The three biggest markets in Latin America that visited Aruba were Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. The two biggest airline companies that visited Aruba were Avianca and Copa Airlines which together formed 6.6% of the total visitors of January 2023. 

A.T.A, AAA, and AHATA and other associates will continue to work together in order to further improve the island of Aruba.



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