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Aruba Unveils Exciting Phase Two of Cas Ariba Project: A New Hub for Locals and Tourists

Aruba Unveils Exciting Phase Two of Cas Ariba Project: A New Hub for Locals and Tourists

On January 18th, Aruba celebrated the next big step in the Cas Ariba anchor project with a lively ceremony. This ambitious initiative, first introduced in 2022, is now gearing up for a major transformation. The goal is to turn it into a versatile square that both locals and tourists can enjoy all year round.

The driving force behind this exciting project, Minister of Tourism Dangui Oduber, shared details about how this venture aims to boost Aruba’s appeal as a tourist destination. While the first phase was already turning heads, phase two is set to go beyond being just a tourist spot.

The big news is that the square is not just for tourists – it’s designed for the local community to use throughout the year. Minister Oduber, inspired by the enthusiasm of community leader Joy Werleman, who’s known for organizing successful local events, highlighted how the project aligns with Aruba’s commitment to ongoing improvement.

A crucial part of shaping phase two was a conversation with Werleman, making the square a versatile space for sports, parties, and events. This unique approach sets the Cas Ariba project apart, creating not just a tourist spot but a lively meeting place for both locals and visitors.

The square aims to be a bridge between cultures, bringing people together. Tourists will get info on what makes Santa Cruz special, encouraging them to explore the area’s rich offerings.

Recent trends show that tourists are increasingly interested in exploring the history and culture of the places they visit. Recognizing this, the Ministry of Tourism is investing strategically in enhancing Aruba’s offerings, providing attractions that showcase the island’s unique history and culture.

Minister Oduber addressed questions about the project’s cost, mentioning that the financing is handled by the Aruba Tourism Authority. While exact figures aren’t disclosed, Minister Oduber stressed the authority’s commitment to evaluating the project’s value.

In a nutshell, the Cas Ariba anchor project’s second phase symbolizes a mix of local resources and the desires of the growing number of visitors. It positions Aruba not just as a beautiful vacation spot but as a dynamic and culturally rich destination for everyone to enjoy.



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